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Since many dog lovers already provide their pets with everything they need, it can be challenging to think of a gift for a pet-owning loved one. Fortunately, there are still plenty of unique and creative ways to show the dog owners in your life how much you appreciate them—that is, if you know where to look or what to do. Whether your loved one is celebrating a special occasion or you just want to treat them for no particular reason, here are three awesome gift ideas for your pet parent friends and family members:

Personalized Pet Products

Leashes, collars, and dog toys are considered basic must-haves for dog owners. This makes it highly likely that the dog lovers in your life already have these sorts of products on hand. However, many fur parents don’t mind owning extras of these items because their dogs can easily outgrow or even break their current pet accessories. This means they usually don’t mind receiving practical dog products as gifts.

That said, gifting your fur parent friend or family member generic pet products can’t exactly capture how much that person means to you. That’s why customizable pet products make the gift-giving experience extra special. A dog lover will be delighted to receive dog accessories that come in their favorite color, feature unique designs, and are made specifically for their pet. They’ll also be grateful that you went the extra mile to get them and their fur baby these gifts.

If you know a lot of people who own dogs and want to give each of them something special, it’s a good idea to buy customizable pet-related gifts in bulk. One of the best ways to do this is to buy from pet product suppliers that offer wholesale and custom dog toys, blankets, collars, leashes, and other kinds of items for sale. Some even offer quirky pet products like dog hoodies, dog bow ties, and dog t-shirts. Make sure to choose a custom pet product supplier that has a good track record and is well-known for using high-quality pet-safe materials for their offerings.

Custom-Made Pet-Themed Novelty Items

Asides from getting practical products that your loved one can use for their pet, you can opt to get something that your recipient not only needs or wants, but is also related to pets in some way. Better yet, you can personalize the item to feature your recipient’s very own fur baby. The gift doesn’t necessarily have to be a practical item, either, as long as the gift can bring a smile to your loved one’s face. This can be especially meaningful if you’re close to the recipient, as you can add little touches of personalization that can truly make the gift theirs. 

If you can, try looking for customizable pet-related novelty gifts that they can either use regularly or display nicely at home. Does your gift recipient spend a lot of time on their phone? Consider getting them a phone holder, a phone stand, a phone keychain, or a phone case with their fur baby’s adorable face printed on it. Is your recipient fond of reading hardcopy books? Get them a bookmark featuring a funny or relatable quote about being a pet parent. If you know someone with a knack for drawing or painting, you can hire them to create a custom portrait of your loved one and their pet. The possibilities are endless.

A Pet Care Package

Dog owners know that taking care of their four-legged companions is a big responsibility. Even though being a pet parent can be tough, they still do everything they can to keep their dogs happy, healthy, and well-fed because they love their fur babies. That said, fulfilling all a pet’s needs can result in hefty expenses, and some pet parents can’t always afford to spoil their dogs as much as they’d like to.

A great way to help your dog lover friend or relative support their pet’s lifestyle is to create a customized pet care package for them. Ask your loved one what products they’d love to get their pet if only they had the extra money, or ask if they happen to already have a wish list of these products that you can check out. If you want to keep the pet care package a secret, get in touch with someone close to them and ask if they might know what your recipient may be happy to receive.

You can also choose a main theme for the pet care package. For example, a food-themed care package can include their pet’s favorite dry or wet food and treats. Meanwhile, a pet care package themed around hygiene and grooming can feature your recipient’s favorite brand of dog shampoo, dog toothpaste, fur detangling spray, and dog-safe wet wipes. Of course, you can always mix and match themes or give them a pet care package that isn’t based on any theme at all.


Thinking of gifts for dog lovers can be challenging since they likely already spoil their pup with all sorts of nice things. That said, the above gift suggestions are sure to surprise and delight your dog-loving friends and relatives. Since each of these gift ideas requires you to carefully consider your recipient’s needs or preferences, your gifte recipients are sure to appreciate the thought and effort you put into making their day.