Photo by Nicholas Brownlow on Unsplash

Over the years, pet owners have come to see their pets as more than just animals to take care of, but as beloved members of their families. Today’s average pet owner is more willing to spend time and money on the health and well-being of their pets, including natural and pet-safe products whose ingredients are sourced from a trusted ingredient manufacturer. 

This move towards a larger market of pet-friendly and pet-safe products has opened up new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Business owners who deal in home care and other similar niches can take advantage of this demand by branching out into pet-related items and pet-safe products. Even if your business is not directly related to the pet industry, it may be wise to find the intersection between your value proposition and the needs of pet owners—and extremely viable to introduce pet-safe products to your brand’s target market. 

There are several ways that you can benefit from expanding your current offerings and developing pet-safe products for your customers. Below are four of the most important reasons to add pet-safe offerings to your catalog: 


You’ll Expand Your Target Market

According to the World Animal Foundation, seven in ten households in America own at least one pet. Dogs are the most popular type of pet, followed closely by cats. While pet ownership can be defined in many ways, from simply having a permanent pet in or around the house to considering a pet as a member of the household, most statistics on pet ownership reflect a willingness to invest in the animal’s overall well-being. 

Pet owners across generations are willing to spend money to ensure that their pets lead happy and healthy lives, with the expenses covering everything from the pet’s healthcare to their leisure needs. By offering pet-safe products in your catalog, you can tap a huge market that isn’t afraid to spend on quality and safety. 


You’ll Build Your Customers’ Trust

One of the fundamental aspects of marketing and getting a product out there is connecting to your customers on a personal level. Present-day marketing campaigns are geared toward the customer experience journey, with the goal being to have customers associate positive feelings with a brand. This makes them more likely to purchase products from the brand and continue to do so for several years. 

There are many ways that you can achieve this for your brand, but one powerful way to do so is to tap into an emotional aspect of their life, such as pet parenthood. Modern household members treat their pets like their children and care deeply about what’s best for them. A business that understands this emotional connection—and, moreover, that offers products that strengthen a pet and pet owner’s bond—has a higher chance of building long-term trust among its customers. 

See the difference it will make when you offer products that can be easily integrated into your customers’ lives with their pets, even for simple day-to-day moments like cleaning house or bath time.  


You’ll Set Your Business Apart from Other Brands

Despite the global pet industry being a billion-dollar industry, few brands outside of it know the value of exploring products formulated with pet health and pet safety in mind. If you’re part of a home care brand, why not set yourself apart from many other players in the market by offering pet shampoo or pet-safe cleaning products? Consider the various ways that you can realistically offer pet-safe products to your customers, and you may end up at the top of customers’ minds for your niche.


You’ll Gain Powerful Marketing Tools for Your Brand

Lastly, expanding into pet-safe products and having pets as brand ambassadors or among the “faces” of your brand will be pretty effective at earning you positive attention. Cat videos and dog videos are among the most widely watched items on the internet, and customers love content that has to do with hilarious antics, “paw-some” moments, or “purr-fect” days spent with pets. 

You can significantly improve your brand perception as wholesome and suited for the modern lifestyle by marketing pet-safe products with the help of an adorable pet ambassador (or two). Rethink both your catalog and your marketing campaign so that it can resonate with a pretty large market of pet owners. 


Final Thoughts: Creating More Meaningful Experiences in Your Customers’ Lives with Pets

Offering pet-safe products from your business’s storefront will do more than simply improve your revenue. You’ll also be able to elevate the experiences that your customers will get when they interact with your brand. People naturally gravitate towards things that make them feel good and that honor the most valuable bonds they have in their lives—including those they have with their pets. If your products factor into such relationships, your business is sure to grow and make lifelong customers.