Today is Christmas, and whether or not you and your family celebrate big or small, it’s a super GRRRReat day (just like the other 364 days of the year are) to show your furry family members how much you love them! Making them part of the family is why we adopt in the first place, so take a time out EVERY DAY….drop your purse, briefcase or backpack when you come home and get on the floor and play; make time for a walk WITHOUT your cell phone so that you tune in to your dog; let your cat curl in your lap and give her your undivided attention. Paying attention is one of the best ways to make sure you pets stay safe – by noticing them and keeping their environment safe.

You may have heard of Zoonoses – diseases that cross the species barrier, meaning diseases we can get from or give to our pets. Rabies, ringworm, giardia for instance. Well, a new word has been coined in the last few years…ZOOEYIA (ZOO-ey-ah). It describes the health benefits pets provide us – not diseases but good things, the opposite of Zoonoses! The word comes from the Greek roots “zoion” for animal and “hygeia” for the Greek Goddess of health.

Science is proving that making a pet part of your family can decrease the risk of developing colds and asthma by developing stronger immune systems. Pets lower our stress and also our blood pressure, but other health issues have also been recently identified…

  • Pets get us moving. Humans of all ages with dogs in the family exercise more than
    those who do not share their lives with a pet as the dog’s need for walks gets us up and going too.
  • Pets lower the impact of chronic disease. Studies have shown cats decrease the risk of
    cardiovascular disease in their owners. Having a pet in the life of a cancer patient has
    been shows to provide comfort and support during treatment, which can decrease stress
    and releases endorphins.
  • Pets help us kick the habit. Research has shown that knowing secondhand smoke can
    harm out pets has motivated some smokers to quit!
  • Pets make us more social. Loneliness and isolation can occur in our increasingly
    urbanized lifestyles, especially among the elderly. Having a pet gets us out meeting people
    (dogs can be babe magnets), taking part in activities with other pet parents, going to parks,
    hiking and just staying in touch with the world.


An awesome way you can be in the moment with your favorite pooch, is by using the Dog Med Laser on your older or aching fella or lady.  For more than a decade, many veterinary clinics all over the country have successfully been using Low-Level Laser Therapy devices similar to the Dog Med Laser. Backed by scientific research and by human clinical studies, these non-heating medical devices have delivered excellent results with no negative side effects ever recorded. (In comparison, Class IV heat lamp devices found in some clinics carry a risk of burn injuries.)

NOW…the Dog Med Laser team has created a practical, safe and efficient Low Level Laser Therapy device designed specially for home use.  Being able to treat your pet at home, in a relaxed environment, saves you money and avoids stressful trips to the clinic while giving your best friend a better quality of life. The Dog Med Laser can safely be used on every dog with no negative side effects or risk to the eyes (but obviously, don’t shine it in their eyes or anyone else’s).

Dog Med Laser recommends that you treat your pet twice daily for maximum results in temporary reduction or elimination of pain, reduction of inflammation, or for acceleration of wound closure.

Pain relief from anti-inflammatory medications lasts a maximum of 24 hours and it is common that there are side effects when taken on a regular basis. In comparison, the cumulative outcome of two daily treatments with the Dog Med Laser should, in most cases, keep your best friend happy and pain free 24/7

As some of you know, on the brink of becoming a senior (age 6), my youngest son Haiku blew out one ACL playing in the yard and the second one…13 months later, playing with his big sister!  His recovery was slow but he bounced back being the trooper that he is.  However, years take their toll and although he remains active at 13-years-young, arthritis and disc flare-ups slow him down making his movements labored and slow with his normally erect and curled tail beneath him.  That is why I was so thrilled to try out the Dog Med Laser on my boy.  Two treatments a day, and he’s back enjoying his morning walks!  Although Haiku can be impatient when it comes to grooming & brushing, he must understand that the DML makes him feel better as he doesn’t mind the gentle strokes of the laser combing through his long fur.  I’m grateful to be able to provide this treatment at home without having to lift him in and out of the car for a vet visit when he isn’t feeling his best.  What a wondeRUFFul innovation allowing pet parents to help their fur kids feel like their younger selves!

For all the smiles our dogs and cats give us, make sure you take time — GOOD QUALITY TIME– to let them know each and every day what an important part of your life they are. By spending time with your best friend and tuning in to him or her, you can make safety a priority and help your pets live a longer, happier, healthier life with you!

Additionally, make it a NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION to be an even better Pet Parent by seeking out those amazing things (including quality time spent with you) that can increase the quality of their days with you!