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This week the Pet Safety Crusader will give four paws up to DR. BUZBY’S DIY NAIL TRIMMING WITHOUT FEAR COURSE    Do not delay adding these techniques to your skill set for your pet’s sake and use CODE:  PSC22 to save 25%!  It will likely save you $2K in nail trimming fees over the lifetime of your pet!

The way most pet parents and groomers trim nails is counter-intuitive to the way pet’s walk, and downright painful!  The pet-friendlier trim I’m about to share, safely takes away MORE nail but from above the quick allowing your pet to ‘break-over’ his toes more easily before he lifts his paw from the ground.   This course is a MUST DO and you can go back and watch it over & over again!



Dr. Buzby’s DIY Master Dog Course: Nail Trimming Without Fear