Life with an epileptic dog can be stressful, even for seasoned dog owners. The first seizure can easily give you a panic attack, and you may feel apprehensive about more to come. Fortunately, canine seizures are not always as serious as you imagine. You can deal with them by handling the stress and panic and taking the right approach to treatment. Living a normal life is possible if you follow some advice from people who have been through the situation. Here are the steps that help you work through the panic.

Accept and be calm 

If your dog has seizures, you must accept the situation and learn to live it. Your pet can still live a happy and healthy life despite their diagnosis. You can take it out for walks, plan camping trips together, and cuddle with it every evening. Just be calm as you handle the situation because your stress can trigger anxiety for the pet. Consult a vet as they can show you the way ahead. 

Make your home a safe place

Before doing anything else, you must focus on making your place safe and seizure-friendly. When the animal has an attack, it may hurt itself in many ways. Make sure that the chances of injuries are minimal. Cover sharp edges and keep fragile things out of reach. Although seizures are unexpected, a little preparation can make your living space a lot safer and prevent accidents. 

Look for alternative remedies

While your vet will recommend a medicinal treatment for dog seizures, you can look for alternative remedies. The condition often lasts a lifetime, and a natural therapeutic option can help. You can go through to learn more about CBD as an alternative for treating canine seizures. The remedy is safe and natural, and you can use it for the long haul. It wouldn’t get your dog high because CBD is non-psychoactive. 

Write everything down

Whether the pet suffers from seizure episodes often or has them only once in a while, maintain your notes. Write everything down, from the timing of the seizure to possible triggers, length of the episodes, behavior, and treatment that helped. A complete journal can help you discuss the condition with a vet and understand the causes. It can also serve as a manual for your family members or pet sitter if you need to leave the dog in their care for some time.

Focus on the positives 

Dog seizures can be as taxing for the owner as they are for the animal. It is hard to deal with pee over your new rug and unexpected episodes in the middle of the night. But focusing on the positives of pet parenting can make things easier to handle. Your love for the animal should be the driving force to cope up with the adverse situation. After all, the cuddles and conversations with your canine companion make the effort worthwhile.

An unexpected dog seizure can disrupt your life, and it can be even scarier if the episodes happen often. But it isn’t an impossible situation to deal with. Love, care, and medical attention for the pet are the best ways to live normally.