Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays is over, have you made resolutions for yourself and your pets?  Did you know that according to a University of Scranton study, 25% of people stop within 30 days of starting? I prefer to think of resolutions as goals, or what I’m now calling my “MAKE HAPPEN” list.

We have a choice for ourselves, to succeed or not, but for our pets, there really isn’t a choice.  We, the humans whom our furry family members depend on and trust, MUST make and hold steady on the best choices our time and budget will allow.  We MUST MAKE good health and happiness happen for our dogs and cats!

Here are 5 suggestions for your “make happen list.”  I will be expanding on each in the weeks to come…


  1. Plan for the Unexpected: Learn PFA & have a well-equipped, non-expired Kit handy, maybe two! Remember, only one out of ten pets WON’T have an emergency at some point in their lives so it is up to you to be prepared when your best pal needs you most!
  2. Home Exams: Knowing what is normal will help you determine more quickly something that is abnormal so perform a weekly snout-to-tail check at home.  Watch this short video for 2 Reasons Why you Should Perform a Weekly a Head-to-Tail Exam
  3. Annual Vet Visit: Have you scheduled yours? Our pets’ lives are accelerated since birth, so at least once a year can be equal to us getting a physical every 5-6 years, so don’t miss it! Maybe choose their birthday or yours, the start of Spring or 365 days since their last visit, and with older best friends, twice annually is a smart idea!
  4. Brush up on Obedience: “Stay” and “leave it” might avoid dangers.  An obedient, well-socialized pet is a welcomed family member. And a tired pet is a better-behaved dog or cat, so provide exercise, refresh training, and give your pets quality time spent with YOU!
  5. Read Pet Food Labels: Know what is in your pet’s food and purchase the best your budget will allow. Take care knowing which human foods are safe and which are not and keep your pet at a healthy weight.

Have a great year and be pro-active for your pets’ sakes!