Firing up the grill is one of the most fun, and delicious perks of summer!  It can, however, be a dangerous time for your pets:  the possibilities of burns, skin irritations, eye trauma, choking, and ingesting harmful foods, bones, and objects, including grilling tools and food wrappers.


Take precautions to ensure a fun time is had by all, and follow these top tips for keeping your pet safe around the grill:


  • Keep pets at least 3 feet away from the grill, charcoal and lighter fluid keep away from pets include aluminum foil and plastic wraps, which, if ingested, can cause intestinal blockage.
  • Supervise at all times, never leaving the grill unattended.
  • Consider grilling a pet-friendly treat but make double dog sure it is cool before serving and not from a skewer.
  • Be prepared in case the worst happens.



By taking my PET FIRST AID & CPCR CLASS, from the convenience of your home lap top, and you can be prepared to treat burns, alleviate choking and a whole lot more just in case the worst happens.  Once you learn what to and NOT to do for your pet’s sake, share this 4-1-1 with family and friends who will want to feed your pets at the summer cook-out.  No cooked bones which can puncture the esophagus or organs or cause choking hazards, no greasy or salty foods, alcohol or pet un-friendly condiments.


Should a burn occur, rinse the burn immediately with cool water, taking care as pet may act aggressively since he is in pain.  Cover with a loose bandage to prevent infection and get your pet to the veterinarian immediately!


When you have a dog or cat, you have a four-legged toddler for life, and it is your responsibility to supervise where your pet goes and what dangers he may encounter.