Another Kiko tested, Pet Safety Crusader approved product:  The Anion Comb for Pets!


We’ve all heard opposites attract, right?  Well, when you brush your precious dog or kitty cat, friction caused by the brush creates positive static electricity and when hairs have the same positive (+) polarity, they repel and cause the fur to frizz. Additionally, depending on the comb or brush you are using, you may risk scratching your pet’s skin or not even getting deep enough into the coat to make a difference.

That’s why Kiko and I were thrilled to try out the Anion Comb for Pets.  This negative ion grooming brush emits an invisible stream of negative (-) ions once turned on, neutralizing polarity, reducing frizz and leaving your pet’s fur hydrated, soft and shiny!

As I brushed my girl’s coat on one side, I could definitely see how the Anion Comb was smoothing out her fur.  She seemed to enjoy the massage she was getting (the round bristles do not spin but glide nicely).  You can notice in the photo below, how her right side is smoothing out, but her still un-brushed left side is still frizzy!

and the two buttons that allow for easy release of the hair made clean-up a breeze!

The only difficulty I had was in turning the on button, but when I swiveled the silicon grip to better align the start button, it worked a bit easier , yet I still needed two fingers to press it and get the green light to go.  Otherwise, the easy-grip handle and entire brushing experience was a pleasure for my girl and me.


The price is right, and it even comes with the batteries that generate the negative ion stream, so order directly from the official website:

I highly recommend this nifty device to help your pet go from flat (or frizzy) to fluffy.  Know you are making your pet’s coat healthier besides lovelier.  Gotta run and brush Kiko’s other side right now…