Excited to bring you another KIKO TESTED,
PET SAFETY CRUSADER APPROVED Product!Always on the prowl for something new for Princess Kiko, I came across this fantastic company:  PAWAII Direct!  Having always shared my life with large and giant breeds, I have purchased many feeding tables over the years so that my pups wouldn’t have to stand uncomfortably when dining. Especially when they become seniors, dogs put more weight on their shoulders as their hind quarters weaken, so not having to crane their necks to ground level takes pressure off the joints. Kiko has a table she enjoys, but it is a bit of schlep when we take her on a weekend getaway, carrying the table in hotel elevators or even packing the car for a cabin adventure.
For about half the price of a dog table and bowls, I discovered a magical dog bowl – the Groww Bowl by Pawaii!  Although not quite as tall as the table Kiko currently eats at, it is still an awesome find and is made of quality stainless steel that is easy to clean and sanitize (dishwasher safe).  The base bowls can easily be hand washed and are sturdy with feet that hold the bowls in place so that they don’t slide or shift while my princess is dining 🙂
Additionally, there are some added features that make the Dog Groww Bowl by Pawaii a stand-out:
1) Some mornings, my princess isn’t immediately hungry, so I can keep her meal cool or warm until she’s ready by filling the bottom bowl with ice cubes or warm water.  This is also great during the warmer months so there is always a refreshingly cool bowl of water available. The bowl filled with ice or warm water slips under the other and keeps her meal or beverage at the appropriate temperature to keep her happy and healthy.
2) Packing the double bowls together in the sturdy box is a lot easier to pack than her table and bowls when travelling.
3) If my princess happened to be a scarfer (which she is not), there is an amazing puzzle insert that slips into the feeding bowl to slow fast eaters down and potentially prevent bloat!  If you have taken a Pet First Aid class from me, I know you have heard my talk about this life-threatening condition.
4) And of course, the bowls can be used side by side with one for dining and the other…drinking!
Please check out the PAWAII STORE for other bowls and drinking fountains too!  You’ll be glad you did as I was very impressed by the fit and finish of these products.  You can tell the humans at Pawaii really love pets and consider them part of the family like I do!