DIG IT Collars & Leashes


Product Description

After a day in the water and mud, most dog collars develop a permanent wet-dog smell, but Biothane collars don’t!

Biothane coated webbing polymer makes Dig It products:  

  • Cleanable
  • Durable
  • Waterproof & Maintenance free
  • They rinse clean in seconds and will not mold, mildew or absorb odors!

Our hardware is unique in the pet industry.

Dig It’s collars come with two different patented designs of buckles and include an innovative patented three-function D-ring that makes it easy to secure your dog’s ID tag. The d-rings are not recommend for any tie out applications.

The D-ring three-function design holds the tongue of the collar, while making it a simple swift method of securing the leash snap and easy to secure your dog’s ID tag.

* Patent # US D750,850 S – Dee Ring
* Patent # US D782,130 S – Sun Buckle
* Patent # US D790,779 S – Cross Buckle

**All our products are USA made

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Watch the video on these GRReat collars & leashes on my VLOG at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw-ZB-u3o-M&list=PL562B24EFE0B3F2CB&index=23


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