Walkee Paws


Product Description

Haiku Fleck stylin’ the large cocoa colored Walkee Paws!

Walkee Paws™ dog leggings are designed to protect paws from rain, snow, ice, salt & chemicals. They’ll keep your dog’s fur clean and dry and prevent icicles between the toes.  They are easy to slip on and off, machine washable and from the first try…Haiku had no difficulty walking in them.  Felt almost like his own paw touching the ground!


Watch Haiku’s maiden walk here!

Friends of Haiku and Sunny-dog Ink get a 15% discount on Amazon by using CODE: 15OFFWALKEE for your set of Walkee Paws!  Just go to Amazon.com, search “Walkee Paws” and use the code above for the size and color choice best suited to your best friend!