Starter/Replacement Pet First-Aid Pack for Cats


Upset tummies, ingested toxins or choking on a favorite toy…cat moms and dads must be prepared for everything that could potentially harm your four-legged best friend!  This pack is PURRfect start for those of you wanting to build your own cat’s tool kit but it’s MEOWtastic for those of you who already have a kit and need to replenish it!

At the very least, the following items should be added:

3% Hydrogen Peroxide

Eye Wash (purified water or saline solution)

Cat Muzzle and leash

Digital Thermometer

Cold Pack

Emergency Blanket/Tarp

Triangular Bandage and splinting materials

Rescue Remedy®


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Product Description

The Starter/Replacement Cat First-Aid Pack Includes:

  • Cat First Aid & CPR Pocket Guide by Denise Fleck/Quickfind Books
  • Pet ID Tag
  • Hibiclens/Chlorhexidine Antibacterial Skin Cleanser
  • Re-sealable Bag for treats/bio sample
  • Latex-free Medical Gloves
  • Styptic Powder with Cotton Swabs & Instructions
  • TickEase® Tick Remover Tweezer
  • Apple-Pumpkin Fiber for Digestive issues
  • Bandaging Materials:
    • 4″ X 4″ Gauze Squares (10)
    • 3″ White Conforming Gauze Roll (2)
    • 4″ Flexible Self-Adhering Bandage
    • 2″ X 3″ Non-Stick Pad for Burns (2)
    • 3″ X 4″ Non-Stick Pad for Burns (2)
  • Topical Medications:
    • Triple Antibiotic Ointment (2)
    • 1% Hydrocortisone Cream (2)
    • Antiseptic Towelettes (2)
  • Oral Medications
    • Diphenhydramine/Antihistamine Tablets (4)
    • Alcalak/Antacid Tablets (4)


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