Your Animal ER, Pet Emergency Card & Pet Alert Sticker

May is National Animal Preparedness Month, but it’s so important, every day of the year, to be double-dog sure you keep dangers out of paws and claws reach.  Knowing know how to react and where to go should the worst happen can be a life-saver for your furry family members. Veterinarians are the experts, but […]

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In a Dog’s EAR

The average dog can hear better than the average person – about 4 times better, and canines are more adept at hearing sounds at higher frequencies.  That is one reason I tell my senior pet care students to try using a higher octave when calling their hearing-challenged senior pet.  Often as their auditory function wanes, […]

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Start Off on the Right Paw: The Importance of Pet-to-Pet Introductions Done Right

One of the best gifts you can give many furry best friends, is the gift of fellow companionship!  In the beginning, there may be challenges, and supervision is a must, but it can be rewarding to watch your duo, trio or even your four-pack (if local ordinances allow) play together and know they have a […]

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Writing Down Your Disaster Preparedness Plan

The reason Flight Attendants request you put on your oxygen mask before assisting others is that you have less than 15 seconds before you lose consciousness!   This applies to Pet Parents & Professionals as well.  You must take care of your family first.  Doing so keeps you safe and gives you peace of mind to […]

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Pet Disaster Preparedness

Hopefully you will never experience a fire destroying your home, yet you plan ahead — install fire alarms, smoke detectors and purchase insurance. You certainly hope never to be involved in a car accident, but you have airbags and wear a seat belt (and should safely restrain your pets as well). Being prepared makes sense […]

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Puppy Mill Action Week: Do All You Can to Help Man & Woman’s Best Friend

What is wrong with this picture?! An estimated 170,000 breeding dogs are currently living in United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-licensed commercial facilities for breeding purposes this very moment. An estimated 10,000 puppy millsexist in the United States (this includes both licensed and unlicensed facilities). Over 2 million puppies are bredin mills each year. While an estimated 3 million […]

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