Through the ages, dog has been man’s (and woman’s) best and most loyal friend. To be a better friend in return to our dog, we should learn the art of bathing!  Not just to keep your dog pretty and smelling good, this simple act of kindness actually keeps your dog healthier and happier.  Many ask, “How often you should bathe your dog?”  The answer depends on many factors, but a warm bath with dog shampoo at monthly is the norm.  Wait too long, and yeast can build up on the skin.  Wash too frequently and your dog’s skin could lose precious oils, so ask your vet what is best for your pooch.

Here are a few benefits you’ll get from bathing your dog:

Bond Becomes Strong

Bathing your dog should be enjoyable and therapeutic for you and your best pal. The washing and gentle brushing can feel like a massage, relaxing and relieving tension. Gently touching and connecting with you dog, just like when you feed and play with him, strengthens the bond you two share.  Just keep it happy and he’ll want to do it again and again because your dog will realize, getting a bath is precious time with his favorite human, YOU!


Bathing Your Dog Helps You Monitor Its Health

When you are bathing your dog, you have the opportunity to observe him closely, looking careful at the skin underneath his wet fur coat.  Problems can more easily be seen when the fur is wet and slicked back.  Although the skin is the largest organ of your dog’s body and subject to cuts, scrapes, parasites, burrs and other things that should not be there, also take a look into your pooch’s mouth to see how clean his teeth are, trim his nails and note any  unusual conditions such as redness, lumps, abnormalities, and injuries. In addition, you will have an opportunity to check for any mites, ticks, and fleas. If you find any of the above issues, you will need to take the dog to a veterinarian  to determine the best course of action.

The Process Improves Your Health too.

By washing your dog regularly, his skin and coat will be clean and he’ll smell better which will make your interactions, and those of other family members, better.  It can keep down the dander and excess fur in your home and potentially alleviate mild allergy symptoms.   If giving your dog a bath is not in your wheelhouse, you could take him to Dash Dog Wash, where they can help you eliminate harmful and allergy-causing pathogens.  Your dog is clean and your home stays clean.  It’s a win-win!

Bathing the Dog Reduces Unnecessary Medication Costs

 Washing a dog with a skin disease or an allergy minimizes the effects of those complications and reduces itching. Of course, you must listen to the advice your veterinary professional offers as to what type of shampoo is best for your dog’s condition, how often, should you towel or blow dry your dog and any other helpful tips.  By keeping the infection or condition under control, hopefully you can keep your dog more comfortable and reduce the need for too frequent vet visits and medications. Some skin ailments dogs get can include:   ringworm, mange and various forms of dermatitis as well as parasite infestations. 


Only your veterinarian knows what’s best so work as a team for the health of your pet always taking care not to get soap and/or water in his eyes, ears, nose or mouth, and scrubbing every inch of your pal with love and kindness.  Never leave your dog unattended in a tub and never use sharp scissors or other items on him.  Learn how to properly trim nails and make sure you have the proper brush for your pal’s coat.  If you need assistance, check out and vet a local groomer such as  a Dash Dog Wash, to keep your pooch on a bathing schedule that is right for him.