GI issues are one of the most common reason your dog or cat may end up at the vet and during the  holidays…did Fido & Fluffy have a bit too much, something new and unusual, like treats from a friend, or something off the holiday table that their tummy isn’t used to?  Just like us, nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset tummies and diarrhea can be experienced by our cats and dogs!

It isn’t however, just about the times when something is wrong, nutritionists profess the need for gut health for us, but it is equally important to our dogs and cats.  If food and waste aren’t properly utilized and eliminated, bacteria gets out of balance, and bad things can happen…

Problems such as:

  • inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • tummy upsets
  • immune system reactions
  • diabetes
  • even depression can result in our pets.

The Big Ifs…

  1. IF your dog or cat’s diet isn’t filling all the necessary requirements for a furry kiddo of his or her age, size, and activity level,
  2. IF your pet has been on medications (especially antibiotics)
  3. IF your furry kid, like you, has been exposed to cleaning products, insecticides and other chemicals just in their daily routine of living in the house and  going outside…

their gut health may have become compromised, and like so many other things, it isn’t always noticeable from outside appearances.

My Princess Kiko was in a shelter for a month before we discovered and adopted her, so you can imagine her diet, lack of good exercise to keep things moving, and exposure to chemicals that keep kennels clean.  Kiko was 15 lbs. heavier than she is today, and when we’d go for walks, she would often spit up a mouthful of food or bile.  Not pleasant to see but obviously the bigger concern was that something was not quite right with her.  I’m not happy when my tummy is uncomfortable, so I started adding the probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes and soothing herbs that make up GASTRO PRO PLUS.   This supplement has helped Kiko maintain a healthy, active lifestyle with good gastrointestinal health.

I can see the difference in Kiko, but sometimes when you do something good for yourself, you won’t see a change.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t working on the inside to hopefully help your best friend live a longer, happier, healthier life by your side!  And remember too, our dogs and cats often hide just how poorly our pets are feeling as not to appear like the weak link in the pack or clowder!  By feeding GASTRO PRO PLUS , you can get a leg up on your pet’s health this year.

As The Pet Safety Crusader, you know I talk about what to do when illness or injury happens, and I have and will continue to cover with you, ways to help at those moments in time, but…the best kind of first aid is the kind you don’t have to do!  Keeping your pet from feeling poorly is a GRRReat thing!

Easy to hide in a treat or twist open and mix into food, you are providing your dog or cat with ingredients needed to keep him or her feeling their best, even if they can’t tell you how they are feeling…

PROBIOTICS – beneficial microorganisms for GI health (the good bacteria)
PREBIOTICS – long-chain sugars which feed the good bacteria to assist in probiotic growth
DIGESTIVE ENZYMES – assist in the breakdown of fats, proteins, starches and cellulose
HERBS – to help soothe the gut

And… GASTRO PRO PLUS was developed by a veterinarian and a nutritionist, and is made in the USA!

Good for ALL dogs and cats, any size, any age, any breed to keep their GI tract healthy and strong.

GASTRO PRO PLUS is ideal for:

  • Sensitive tummies
  • Digestive issues
  • Loose stool (aka diarrhea)
  • Gas
  • All pets because by keeping their gut happy, you may just prevent problems from occurring, and that’s a GRRReat thing!


$27 is a small price to pay to keep your best friend healthy, but if you go to my page:  and use this one-time code: INTRO4U  to get 20% off!  While you’re on my page, sniff around and find other items to really take advantage of this one-time discount.  Everyone of these vet-approved supplements, seasonings, treats and food are vet-created and vet-approved!

As a guide, dogs 21 – 40 lbs. should be fed 1 capsule daily, so if your kiddo is a cat or smaller dog, twist open the capsule and sprinkle ½ the powder on the food one day and the other ½ the next 🙂

Help your pet feel more comfortable and be more healthy this year by trying GASTRO PRO PLUS!  Your dog or cat will be glad you did, and if you have a gassy pet, YOU TOO will be glad you did!

When you click on the words GASTRO PRO PLUS anywhere in this blog, please make sure you see a picture of Kiko and me smiling at each other in the upper left before you order.  We appreciate it 🙂