"Dog On-The-Go" Ultimate Hiking & Travel First-Aid KitIn addition to knowing the life-saving skills of Pet First Aid and having the confidence to use them, anyone who spends time around pets must have a well-equipped tool kit (aka a Pet First Aid Kit) as precious time can be wasted looking for the right item once a pet has suffered sudden injury or illness.  According to The Pet Safety Crusader™, Denise Fleck, “A kit is only as good as the human at the other end of the leash, meaning – if you use something up, replace it; if it expires, get another, and take special care of items that can go bad, especially if you keep your first aid kit in the car or other area subject to temperature changes.  Besides medications and creams, even the stickiness of various wraps and tapes can degrade due to heat, and Hydrogen Peroxide does not hold up if it gets warm, so be prepared to keep these items cool or change them out regularly.”


So that you are prepared to bandage a wound, pull a tick, or soothe an upset tummy, YOUR NAME, YOUR COMPANY offers Pet First Aid & CPR Classes in your community to get you prepared for whatever life throws your way.  When assembling your kit, make sure you have at least these most basic items, as well as the PET FIRST AID & CPR QUICK REFERENCE For Dog & Cat Parents & Pet Professionals available on Amazon.

"Dog On-The-Go" Ultimate Hiking & Travel First-Aid KitBrands with links below are recommended by The Pet Safety Crusader and her trusty Akita, Kiko!

  • Disposable gloves
  • 4″ X 4″ Gauze squares and roll
  • Adhesive tape or self-adhering wrap
  • Styptic Powder
  • Blunt-nosed scissors
  • Tweezers
  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (never for cats)
  • Eye Wash
  • Ear Wash & Ear Dry
  • Chlorhexidine/Hibiclens®
  • Cold Pack
  • Triple antibiotic cream
  • Digital thermometer & lubricating gel
  • Needle-less syringe or eye dropper
  • Pilling assist
  • Antihistamine gel caps and Allergy Support
  • Antacid (species appropriate) & Gut Support (pre and probiotics)
  • Hairball support (kitties especially!)
  • Portable water bowl, bottled water, electrolytes & honey
  • Clean-up Wipes
  • Paw cream
  • Slip lead
  • Towel or Blanket
  • Important phone numbers & baseline vitals filled in your PET FIRST AID & CPR QUICK REFERENCE
  • Reading glasses, magnifier, flashlight
  • Species-specific nail clippers
  • Species-specific pheromones (Feliway for cats & Adaptil for dogs, aromatherapy (dogs only) or Rescue Remedy® (pet version – NO alcohol)
  • Ziplock bags
  • Dehydrated pumpkin/ginger snaps
  • Species-specific shampoo
  • Pet-specific needs (ex: medications, epi-pen)
  • Stethoscope (optional but makes it easier to palpate a cat’s pulse)



When you have a dog or cat, you have a four-legged toddler for life, and it is your responsibility to supervise where your pet goes and what they can get into. It’s also important to have the right tool for the job when they get ill or injured.  Don’t delay, sign up for a pet first aid class today!