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SENIOR PET CARE CERTIFICATE COURSE for Dog & Cat Parents & Caregivers (Close Captioned)


In this three-hour close captioned presentation and lecture, you will learn how to more gracefully help your senior dog or cat journey through the autumn & winter of their life.  It is suggested that you read “The Autumn & Winter of Your Pet:  Make Those Senior Years Golden” prior to the webinar, but please at least have the book to aid with your test taking that follows.


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From the comfort of your home computer, with your senior dog or cat by your side, this two-hour SENIOR PET CARE CLASS, will take you on YOUR pet’s journey, with close captioning, through the Autumn & Winter of his or her life.  You will become more aware as to how your dog or cat will mature and grow older through the eyes of your best friend.  You will learn what you can’t change (genes and years gone by) and what you can (exercise, nutrition and veterinary assistance) as well as ways to improve your pet’s quality of life.  The heart of it all will be the discovery of things you and your fur kid can still do together, creating memories that will last beyond his or her lifetime.  End-of-life decisions and loving again make this a heart-warming and informative webinar for everyone who wants those later years in their furry family member’s life to be the best they can be.

Award-winning author Denise Fleck, known for bringing Pet CPR to national television, has personally taught more than 15,000 pet lovers animal life-saving skills and has a soft-spot for helping seniors live longer, happier, healthier lives with the humans they adore.  Denise feels privileged to be on the Board of The Grey Muzzle Organization, and has shared her life with eleven senior dogs and one senior cat and through this webinar, hopes to make sure your older pet’s paw prints will forever remain on your heart.

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 “The Autumn & Winter of Your Pet:  Make Those Senior Years Golden”  

This class is recommended by Pet Sitters International, the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, and the Animal Rescue Professionals Association, and applies towards CEU credits.







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