Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover by Denise FleckDon't Judge a Book By Its Cover by Denise Fleck

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover


Mary-Alice and her friends like pretty clothes and hanging with the in-crowd, but when she requests a puppy for her birthday, her parents decide the fluffy one with the pink bow in the pet store may not be the best choice. Instead Mary-Alice ends up at the local Animal Shelter where she not only saves the life of a loving older dog, but learns that once you look beyond the plain cover of things, you can be treated to the true joys that lie underneath! Looking beyond the cover is truly canine in that dogs do not judge others based on their income, beauty or status. They live in the moment rejoicing in every kindness they are shown. Humans, young and not-so-young, can learn pawmazing lessons from our four-legged friends and when they Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover.

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  • Best Children’s Book of 2014 by the Dog Writers Association of America
  • Honors in the 2015 London Book Festival
  • Belle’s Best (




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    “Finally, we have a meaningful, intelligent book for young people. Without preaching or condescending, this wonderful book uses readable but grown-up language to teach an important lesson about the folly of reliance upon outward appearances in the context of book covers, the friends we choose and our choice of pets. It educates, gently and sensitively, about the responsibilities of pet ownership and the dangers of breed discrimination. It offers poignant proof that discrimination of any kind is unfair, cruel, and wrong. This fine book does a lot between its two plain black covers and cleverly reminds us, and our children, not to judge a book by its cover. I loved it, my kids loved it, my grandkids loved it, and I believe it should be in every child’s bookcase.” ~ Geoff, Atlanta

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