Start Off on the Right Paw
Start Off on the Right PawStart Off on the Right Paw

Start Off on the Right Paw: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover II


Mary-Alice’s best friend Claire decides to adopt a ‘sister’ for her Pit Bull Rex, so the girls pay a visit to the local animal shelter. There they meet Bonsai, a Japanese Akita, very much in need of a forever home. For 6 long months, people have passed her by misjudging her to be too old, too big or too something. With the help of Claire’s mom, the girls give this loving dog a chance but must first Start Off on the Right Paw, properly introducing Bonsai to Rex and M.A.’s best friend, Mr. Rico. Along the way the girls understand the need for pet safety and excitedly await their chance to volunteer and help other animals in need.

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