Headlight Harness


Product Description

Over the years, we’ve tried many lighted collars, but Haiku’s long silky fur obscured the light on every one! Especially as the seasons change and it remains dark longer in the morning and the sun sets earlier in the evening, we share many a walk in the dark.  That’s why we LOVE the Headlight Harness.  Not only does it have a padded chest and belly panel to keep my best buddy comfy, but the bright 90 degree LED beam lights our way so that neither of us step on anything sharp, dangerous or gooey!  The light, along with the reflective trim, allows us to be seen by oncoming headlight, so it really is a GRReat way to keep us safe.


Read mentions in my various blogs and be sure to click on the video links in the blogs to see Haiku walking in his Headlight Harness!

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and visit www.HeadlightHarness.com to find the perfect size and color for your walking buddy!