Cannabidiol or CBD has grown in popularity and usage due to the potential medicinal benefits in humans. The apparent success has been so promising that people are turning to the drug as a remedy for various ailments in their pets. Animals have a greater sensitivity to the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana.  For dogs, THC can prove fatal, so absolutely steer clear of marijuana in favor of hemp.


Hemp products are held legally responsible to contain only .3% of THC, rendering them safe from the high that marijuana induces. The top portion of the cannabis plant where the flowers are, include the highest concentration of THC, which is known as the psychoactive ingredient. While the stalk, stem, seeds, roots, and lower leaves house shallow levels of THC and a more significant concentration of CBD or cannabidiol. The hemp plant’s medicinal and therapeutic properties live here.


How Is CBD Beneficial For Pets


Cannabidiol or CBD is commonly used to relieve anxiety and behavior issues in many animals. It has proven to be particularly successful in the treatment of hyperactivity in dogs in lower doses. (Follow for information on CBD and your dog.) There are molecules in the cannabis plant, both hemp and marijuana, known as cannabinoids that interact with the nervous tissue and the brain. These can transport across the blood-brain border with ease.


Studies indicate that certain seizure disorders can be potentially relieved with the assistance of CBD with the addition of other treatments.


As it relates to pain management, there is evidence that supports using CBD for pets, e.g., cancer symptoms. Cannabinoids function differently within an animal’s system than standard narcotics or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents. Using them together is not contraindicated as a drug interaction risks. 


Giving A Pet CBD Oil


For any medication, the ideal dosage when starting treatment is always small, so as to determine the effect it will have on the pet’s system. Once you see how the animal processes the dosage, it can be gradually increased to the point where you’re reaching their specific needs. You don’t want to start with a hefty dose that you have no way to reverse once. 


Each animal is different and will respond to the treatment uniquely according to their particular make-up. Take into consideration the pet’s size, weight, age, condition, when administering the dosage as well. Read an article on pets and medical marijuana here.


When using the CBD product, there are a variety of ways to do so directly and effectively without causing stress for either of you.


  • Dispense the product right into the mouth with a dropper.
  • Sublingually put the oil on the gums with your finger.
  • Directly massage the balm into the skin.
  • Drizzle the product over the your pet’s food.


The forms of CBD products are varied.  Experiment with how you administer the oil. If you find a method is complicated or becoming stressful to dispense, try another technique. Adding additional tension when a furry friend has health issues is not the way to go. Make the process as simple and relaxing as possible using one of these methods:


  • Liquid form using a tincture. Using a tincture is the optimum way to dispense CBD. For a dog, you can adjust the dosage by counting the drops used. The dropper makes dosing easy and accurate.  
  • Various ointments can be massaged into the skin. These topical treatments you can be rubbed directly onto the pet’s skin, providing instant localized relief. With this option, there is a range of potency levels you have to work within, creating a balance to achieve comfort. Many of these cannabis salves or balms blend with other therapeutic elements, including various herbal extracts and essential oils, giving potentially more of a healing effect.
  • Food infused with CBD. There may be more of an inclination to indulge in a treat infused with oil as opposed to having the oil drizzled over the food. The treats come with a set amount of CBD mg in each piece, combined with other ingredients that do not have an effect, but typically make the treat palatable.  This is likely the least stressful method for dispensing, because what dog doesn’t like a treat?!   Visit this page to view a variety of CBD products for pets.


Cannabidiol has shown great potential with humans for the relief of a variety of medical conditions. If CBD, in turn, translates over to the pet population, this would be a tremendous benefit for their care and well-being.