A Corgi and its owner playing on a Potty Buddy Waterproof Blanket

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Caring for a four-legged pet is inherent in all dog owners. Agree, you want to pamper your dog friend, feed him delicious food and surround him with maximum comfort. The list of uniquely necessary accessories includes waterproof dog blankets, the functionality of which is confirmed by many owners. So, let’s take a closer look at the features of such a valuable product and decide what exactly is worth buying. 


Why do we need a Waterproof blanket for dogs?

This issue usually worries not only people who have recently become owners of a four-legged pet. Experienced dog breeders are also considering the necessity and expediency of buying a dog blanket. Let’s look at it in more detail: why do we need dog blankets? 

Imagine that you bought a beautiful little puppy. He is growing fast, playing, and requires walking. The baby still goes to the toilet in different places in the house, because he is too small and cannot wait until he goes outside. You regularly use a car to deliver a puppy to the veterinarian, take care of him. But the joy is overshadowed by frankly unpleasant surprises:


  • Traces of dirty paws on the floor and on upholstered furniture in the house.
  • An unpleasant smell of urine, which is quite difficult to get rid of.
  • The devastation in the car interior is the same as in the house — dirt, an unpleasant smell.


Are you ready to put up with all this, or do you want to get rid of such troubles while leaving the dog? Owners of four-legged pets can solve similar problems by purchasing leak-proof dog blankets. Don’t be surprised — this accessory is versatile and can make your life together with your pet more comfortable. We recommend paying attention to the Potty Buddy Dog Blanket, which is characterized by many advantageous properties — durability, strength, beautiful design and other parameters.



Features of Waterproof Dog Blankets

The key feature of this type of dog accessories is the configuration of fabrics and layering. Agree, a simple blanket would be enough for ordinary dog heating, but special blankets are designed for different purposes. As a rule, such items consist of several layers of fabric with different functionality. 

For example, the upper layer takes on the main load — contact with the dog’s paws, jumping. Therefore, the fabric is selected taking into account the indicators of strength and wear resistance. At the same time, the top layer should be tactilely pleasant for the pet and look presentable, complementing the interior of the house. We use fabric layers with a variety of textures: smooth, fur, corduroy. At the same time, the surface perfectly absorbs moisture, but does not let it out. 


The middle and lower layers of the blanket perform a different mission — they absorb and retain liquids. There is another interesting property here: unpleasant odors also remain inside the blanket and practically do not come out. Naturally, manufacturers provide for absolute impermeability — liquids remain exclusively inside the blanket, do not return to the surface and do not flow through the lower fabric layer. 

The main advantages of dog blanket

We propose to consider in detail the advantages of purchasing such a valuable and fairly simple dog accessory. Each item on the list has been verified by Potty Buddy™ experts and can be traced in the reviews of the owners of waterproof blankets. We have highlighted the most obvious properties and want to share useful information with you — read and be sure to buy waterproof dog blankets.  


According to the semantic definition, a blanket should keep you warm. In this case, it works — the dog can be warmed up after a long winter walk or after bathing. However, versatility can be seen in other ways of use:

  • Protection of home surfaces and the interior of the car.
  • Performing the function of a toilet diaper for a puppy or an animal with health problems;
  • Compactness — the blanket can be taken with you on trips, transported in a bag.

As you can see, the versatility of the Waterproof blanket for dogs is quite worthy of your attention. The use of such accessories has been appreciated by many owners of four-legged friends and often leave positive feedback online. 


In addition to the obviously low cost, a dog blanket will help save the family budget. Of course, the appearance of a dog in the house involves a lot of costs. The happy owners of a four-legged family member are in a hurry to buy him toys, delicious treats, and ammunition. Travelers also buy special protective covers for car seats, furniture, and toilet diapers are purchased separately.   

So, saving your money by buying a blanket for dogs is that you can refuse some expensive purchases. Are you surprised? Look: the blanket can easily replace covers for the car interior and for furniture. And another obvious advantage is that such blankets temporarily replace toilet diapers for a growing puppy. Therefore, put aside doubts and make profitable dog purchases!

Beauty and simplicity 

The visual appeal of waterproof dog blankets can perfectly complement your interior, and in some cases become an accent of home comfort. We select beautiful and tactilely pleasant fabrics, use colors that are combined with any modern interiors. You get a high quality beautiful product, and your dog is a convenient place to relax and play. 

In addition to their external attractiveness, blankets are characterized by incredibly simple care. They can be washed, simply wiped with a damp sponge or treated with a portable vacuum cleaner. The surface of the fabric upper layers does not attract dust, dries quickly enough, retains its original appearance and texture for a long time. 

Recommendations for selection 

The indispensability and versatility of dog blankets is undeniable. However, the abundance of offers of this type of product on the market usually causes difficulties in choosing. We have compiled instructions that can be used when buying waterproof dog blankets.

How to choose a dog blanket?

  • Pay attention to the characteristics of the fabrics that are part of the blanket.
  • Carefully study the recommendations for the operation of the product — care features, strength indicators of the upper fabric layer.
  • The cost is based on the planned purchase budget. 
  • External attractiveness according to your preferences.
  • Product dimensions, weight, quality parameters. 


It is recommended to pay special attention to the reputation of the manufacturer. A dog blanket should be durable, wear-resistant and simply comfortable. Do not forget to be interested in the availability of discounts, consult with managers regarding the use of blankets and buy high-quality products at an attractive price!