I just completed the Disaster Planning for Professional Pet Sitters course through Pet Sitters International by The Pet Safety Crusader! The course was very informative on how to prepare for and react to natural and man-made disasters.  The companion book to the course “My Pet & Me Guide to Disaster PAWparedness by Denise Fleck is a MUST read! I can’t wait to start working on my Emergency Plan!”

Christina Walker, Top Dog Pet Sitter, West Georgia

“What an absolute pleasure to participate in your training yesterday!  And what an honor to be trained by someone of your caliber and expertise. You have very impressive credentials and what a thrill to be trained by the best of the best!  I enjoyed every minute of the LIVE Teleconference Pet First-Aid & CPR Class, and I can assure you that I will review and continue to practice what I learned from you as I want to retain as much of it as I can.  It’s so important!! “

Pam Mitchell, Granada Hills, CA

“Denise is simply the best in her field! The education and service that manifests itself through Denise & Sunny-Dog Ink is invaluable to anyone that loves and/or owns a dog!”

Tony Riccio – Glendale, CA

“What you learn from Denise Fleck is invaluable!! If it hadn’t been for her training I would not have been able to stop 4 dogs from choking. I highly recommend also going back for “tune ups” because there is so much to learn!”

Patricia Dennis – Los Angeles, CA

Testimonial Sierrah Cash“I absolutely love your teaching method. Seeing your videos made learning very enjoyable, and knowing you had appeared on Animal Planet made me excited to tell everyone who my CPR (and much more) teacher was! Thank you so much for taking the time to teach all of us.”

Sierrah Cash – Pt. Hueneme, CA

Testimonial Hayley OBrien“Thank you so very much for teaching me so much useful information about the animals we all love so much in ROP, and for being so incredibly supportive. Working at the shelter and taking your Animal Care Class really has changed my life in too many ways to count. I want you to know how appreciative I am of all you have done for me and also do for the animals.”

Hayley O’Brien

Testimonial Lilian Moskovian“After taking the Animal Care ROP class, my dreams expanded into something big… I want to and will open my own animal shelter and will become a Veterinarian!”

Lilian Moskovian

Testimonial Connor Rodriguez“Ms. Fleck!!! I miss your class so much already…it will forever be my favorite! You made it fun to learn everything from animals I like (dogs and cats) to animals that I didn’t like as much (horses and birds). I wasn’t bored once and I actually learned to like the animals that I didn’t like before your class. Thank you so much for being such an amazing teacher!”

Connor Rodriguez – Burbank, CA

“I honestly believe that Animal Care ROP is what got me into the Pre-Vet program at Cal Poly Pomona. Between the basic and advanced class, I acquired 120+ hours of hands- on experience and I am positive this helped me stand out from the other applicants! If you’re thinking about entering any career that has to do with animals, this class is for you.”

Tatum Lincoln – Burbank, CA

Testimonial Alexandra Apple“Thank you soooo much Mrs. Fleck!! You have no idea how much this class has changed my life forever. I am eternally grateful for you making me a better person. I think you are an amazing person and have become one of my biggest role models. I’m sure I will be seeing you around the shelter in the future.”

Alexandra Apple – Burbank, CA

Testimonial Norma Chavez“First of all, thanks again for doing Pet First Aid Courses. I carry my book when I take my German Shepherd Annabella on trips and hope I won’t need it, however…I took her camping and the next thing I know her right eye was a horrible red and the parts that are supposed to stay in the center corner were stretched towards the middle. I am not sure if she cut it or if she got something in it. She wasn’t complaining but it looked very uncomfortable. I felt awful. My boyfriend said if it wasn’t better by the next day we would go home early and take her to the doctor. I seriously was in tears at times. Well, I thought about it and got the book out, looked up the eye wash instructions, got my Saline eye wash out and with my boyfriend’s help, flushed it a couple of times. We did this maybe a couple of more time, once in the morning and evening. By Saturday afternoon it was looking better. My boyfriend kept saying, look at it, it’s almost 100% better. I kept saying, no, I can’t look. I know, silly, but I have this habit of looking into my dog’s eyes when I love on her, and sure enough, it was all better. I don’t know what happened — I just know the eye wash had something to do with it getting better. THANK YOU DENISE! I recommend your class to everyone.”

Norma Chavez – Pico Rivera, CA

Testimonial Lisa Shapiro“Thanks to Denise and her incredibly informative class, there’s a beautiful, healthy Rottweiler running around his family’s backyard.”

Lisa Shapiro – Long Beach Teacher & Dog Mom to Dreyfuss

“I was in your class last Thursday in Redondo Beach and I wanted to have the knowledge of what to do in case of an emergency, but I had no intention of actually having to use it — or at least I hoped I would not.

Well, I was driving along the bluffs of Palos Verdes and admiring the houses wishing I could one day own, when I say a dog hanging from a balcony! I ran up to the house frantically banging on the door and ran with the owner through the house. We pulled the dog up over the railing with as much caution as we could, and I checked to see that she was not breathing and did not have a pulse. Thanks to your class, I knew what to do and started CPR. The owner left to call the Vet and after about five minutes, the dog’s heart started beating but still no breathing. Vet Techs arrived at the house and hooked up oxygen and they loaded her up to the Veterinarian. After a couple days in intensive care, the dog is home and recovering nicely. Having gone without oxygen, she may be expected to have mild seizures, but she is alive and basically doing okay. I can not thank you enough!”

Kim Kohler – Ohaha Pet Sitting

“I am so happy that I took your First-Aid & CPR Class 4 days ago. My roomie found what she thought was a dead bird and wanted me to get it out of the way before the Guide Dog ate it. I found it to be not quite dead but acting strangely. Its leg was almost in its mouth and tangled with string, feathers and a mass of dog hear. As I began to remove the string I found the twine trailed around the leg and neck and into the bird’s throat. Carefully I removed it all and gave him tiny drops of water. Without your class, I would not have had the confidence to try and help this small creature. I am sure it would thank you too.”

Deb Humbert – San Bernardino County

“I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks. Going through the take-home material you included with your Pet First-Aid Class and also the Pet First-Aid Kit I purchased, it is such a pleasure to discover their consistent high quality. The handbook is well done, and I especially love the worksheets that encourage interaction. Your Pet First-Aid Kit is a compact wonder! It is such a pleasure to look through the Kit and realize that it delivers even more than expected. Your depth of knowledge and caring attention to detail come through in your products and are already a nice addition to our household.”

Anne Morea – Encino, CA

Testimonial De Fazio“This morning after a run on the beach, my 9 year old Doberman made it home only to collapse in the front driveway. He had collapsed on the beach in May but “woke up” and walked home with me. The vet couldn’t find anything wrong and said he could continue to run on the beach but watch him. She suspected his heart (he has a murmur). So when Rocco acted not right and went down with his feet in front, I talked to him and got him on his side. I continued to pet him and talk to him and then all of a sudden he stopped breathing. I remembered where to check for a pulse and there wasn’t one. I started CPR and he started breathing right away only to stop again. I did CPR again and his heart started pumping and he started panting. He stayed like this for about 10 minutes until my little dog started barking at something going by. Rocco got up all interested, ate his breakfast and stole my sock on the way up the stairs. I truly never thought I would use my training on my own dog. Thank you for your great class. I can’t believe I actually saved my own dog’s life today. I would not have known what to do otherwise. I would be mourning his loss, not celebrating his life today. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I do feel like a million bucks thanks to you Denise and your class. Rocco is just fine — he’s his old self. I know at 9 years of age (he’s a big dog-100 pound Doberman) he probably doesn’t have too many more years with us but thanks to learning CPR he’s still around. I just can’t believe I actually saved my dog’s life.”

De Fazio – Ventura, CA

“The last thing you want is to wish you HAD taken Denise’s Class.”

Kate Ahrens – Colorado Dog Mom

Testimonial Christinne Kilpatrick“It is amazing what you can learn from an instructor who cares about what she is doing. Animals mean so much to me, and I don’t want to feel that I didn’t give it my best because I did not know what to do. Thanks to Denise, I DO!”

Christinne Kilpatrick – Pet Sitter

Testimonial Terri Steuben“When I met Denise I knew that I had found someone special…she has a way of making Pet First-Aid fun. I recommend her classes to everyone.”

Terri Steuben – Animal Communicator

Testimonial Cyndy Wood“As a Certified Dog Trainer, it’s important to be ready in case any of my canine students need assistance. Denise’s Pet First-Aid Course gave me knowledge and confidence. My two senior dogs love their weekly Head-to-Tail Check-up, so thanks to Denise’s Senior Pet Care Class I know what is normal, what to watch out for & when to go to the Vet!”

Cyndy Wood – Sit Stay Good Dawg!

“There is nothing as rewarding as knowing that one day after taking Denise’s class, I saved a helpless little dog from choking…and her wagging tail and thankful licks let me know she feels the same way.”

Tina Kenny – Pet Sitter

“I was impressed with how Denise communicates her knowledge in an entertaining and organized manner. I learned so much valuable information on how to help animals. I highly recommend this class to all my own obedience students.”

Caryl Wolff – Miss Doggie Manners

Testimonial Caroline Haldeman“Denise has taught Pet First-Aid & CPR classes at my facility for several years, and her classes are GREAT! She is full of knowledge, a wonderful teacher, and I strongly recommend her to anyone wanting to be able to help their pet in an emergency. I have taken other classes elsewhere and was also a vet technician, however I learned more from Denise then any other class I have taken.”

Caroline Haldeman – Sirius K9 Training Academy

“I wanted to thank you for the fascinating and thorough class you taught in Ventura on July 13. I have already posted the CPR and breathing techniques on my fridge in case of an emergency with our 10-year golden retriever or multiple cats. The class has given me more confidence in dealing with potential animal emergencies. I easily could have listened to you for another five hours to learn more about helping our furry family members! Please keep up the wonderful work.”

Bonnie Verhoeff – Camarillo, CA Dog Mom

“Denise’s CPR Classes are a must! With a few easy steps, Denise shows you how to avoid disaster.”

Tamar – Author of “The Loved Dog” and Celebrity Dog Coach

“Just this morning I had need to put-to-the-test my skills learned from your Canine CPR & First Aid Training from October 2008, and I’m writing to tell you of my feelings of joy in being able to help a doggie in need and his human.

A neighbor dog, a wonderful Poodle named Panda, who comes to our home several times each day, was playing in the backyard directly in front of the kitchen window; I saw the dog thrashing about in the plants, and at first thought he was just having fun. But as his escapades continued I noticed he was not getting up on all fours, and so I became concerned. I went outside to check on him, taking with me a bath towel so as to place under his backside to help him walk if needed.

This doggie, however, was having a seizure. I recalled what I learned in your class and so helped him become more comfortable. I got my housemate to sit with him as I went off to find his human.

After asking a couple of neighbors where “Panda the big white poodle” lives, I was directed to his home where I got a hold of his human and put her into my car back and drove her back to my place. Within a few minutes of getting to her dog, she got him up on all fours, but just as they were leaving from the front yard, only minutes after the first episode, the doggie had yet another seizure.

I picked up the dog, put him in the cargo area of my car, asked his human to sit in the back seat so as to keep her hands on him and keep him comfortable, and off we drove to their vet. For now the doggie is being kept for observation and – despite a battery of previous tests for these same seizures – it will be determined if the doggie has epilepsy or even a brain tumor at a young age of three.

Denise, I cannot thank you enough for the excellent training you provided me and the others in our Saturday class back in October of last year. Although there’s nothing nice about this situation, I am so happy to know I had the ability to keep my wits about me and help the doggie and his human, and get him to a vet care facility where he can be looked after.

Long story short, because of your training class, I had no hesitation as to what to do, or what not to do, and and so was able to really help a doggie and his human. My heart is filled with joy and I just wanted to pass that along to you this fine day.

All my best to you, and please keep up your stellar training classes!”

C.W. – Ventura, CA

Testimonial Mark Meadows“I wanted to extend a huge thank you to Denise Fleck. Last week I was grooming at a small shop along with the manager. He was working at a table behind me with a large Golden Retriever. We both face the front of the shop while grooming and the manager left the Golden to quickly check in two small dogs. He came back a couple of minutes later to find the Golden hanging from the table…dead. Of course we freaked out. We got the dog down. It was not breathing but thanks to your training, the dog is now alive and just fine. I did CPR and got him breathing again in what seemed like about thirty seconds. IT WORKS!!!!! Thank you. The manager is forever grateful and interesting in taking a class for himself.”

Mark Meadows – North Hollywood, CA