The Sunny DogFor our first wedding anniversary, my husband and I “became a family” by adopting a dog from the local animal shelter. As we passed Cage #31, a yellow dog with a tail wagging faster than an out-of-control windshield wiper was pressing the side of her face against the metal rungs eagerly trying to be noticed. Her gentle cry and soft brown eyes drew us in while her excitement for life won us over the moment we approached her. We stood there wondering how such a loving canine could have ended up in such a predicament — it was her last day at the shelter before being euthanized… READ MORE



“Denise is simply the best in her field! The education and service that manifests itself through Denise & Sunny-Dog Ink is invaluable to anyone that loves and/or owns a dog!”

Tony Riccio - Glendale, CA

“I absolutely love your teaching method. Seeing your videos made learning very enjoyable, and knowing you had appeared on Animal Planet made me excited to tell everyone who my CPR (and much more) teacher was! Thank you so much for taking the time to teach all of us.”

Sierrah Cash - Pt. Hueneme, CA

“Ms. Fleck!!! I miss your class so much already…it will forever be my favorite! You made it fun to learn everything from animals I like (dogs and cats) to animals that I didn’t like as much (horses and birds). I wasn’t bored once and I actually learned to like the animals that I didn’t like before your class. Thank you so much for being such an amazing teacher!”

Connor Rodriguez - Burbank, CA