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As pet parents, we want what’s best for our pets, don’t we? So how do we align our lifestyle with that of taking care of our pets? First of all, remember that creating and maintaining a healthy, safe, and eco-friendly environment for our pets is a continuous and conscious effort that goes a long way. Along with this, ensuring that we provide our animal companions with the Five Freedoms for Animals will help keep them healthy and happy. 


General Guidelines

Here are are some healthy solutions for pets:


Maintain Regular Veterinary Checkups

We must ensure that our pets are updated with their annual veterinary examinations to prevent, detect, and address any health issues early on. This includes the need for initial and updated vaccinations to prevent potentially life-threatening diseases. At the same time, we should also be ready for any pet emergency if such may arise. 


Our pets should have freedom from pain, injury, and disease, and as pet parents, it is our responsibility to provide this by looking out for their health with the help of veterinary care and pet health insurance


Keep a Clean and Safe Space for Pets

Providing a designated space for your pet inside your home will give them a sense of comfort and security of being in a familiar environment. Here are some tips:


  • The area should be clean, dry, and free from noise. Get down on all fours to make sure dangers are out of paws and claws reach!
  • The temperature should be ideal (it shouldn’t be too hot or too cold) with enough space for your pet to move around. 
  • Place familiar items in their space (ex. toys, pet beds, towels, cameras for dogs and cats)
  • It should be free from people moving around so they won’t be disturbed. If their space if near the door where people often walk in or out, this may stress them out.


Create a Stress-free Environment 

Even if they may show signs, pets cannot tell us outright if they are feeling stressed or anxious. Because pets should have freedom from fear and distress, it is important for us to make our home as stress-free and comfortable as possible.


To create a stress-free environment, creating a safe space is a good way to start. In addition, accessories and toys may also help our feline companions relax. These may include cat scratching posts and chew toys, among others. When in transport, there are also carriers and vests designed to calm anxious cats. 


Healthy Diet & Exercise

Pets should have freedom from hunger and thirst. Moreover, when feeding your pet, it is essential to be aware of their nutritional needs as well as the appropriate amount to feed based on their age, size, and weight. Your pet should have a balanced diet, with the essential vitamins and minerals that their body needs. You should also make sure that your pet always has access to fresh, clean water to keep them hydrated.


Apart from a healthy diet, exercises such as daily walks and play sessions can help make your pet physically healthy. 


Keep Them Stimulated

Provide your pet with physical and mental activities to keep them stimulated. Daily walks and playtime are good examples since both their body and minds are active. 


Make Time for Training & Socialization

Training your pet teaches them confidence as well as how to behave appropriately in different situations. Socialization is also important to promote healthy interaction with humans or other animals.  


Creating & Sustaining an Eco-Friendly Environment For Your Pet

There are many benefits of creating and sustaining and eco-friendly environment for your pet. Not only is it good for their overall health, the risk of being exposed to harmful toxins and chemicals are also lessened. In addition,energy consumption and waste is also reduced. In short, adopting an eco-friendly pet environment and lifestyle creates a safer, healthier, stress-free, and more natural environment for your pet. 


Below are ways to create an eco-friendly pet lifestyle with a healthy pet environment:


  • Green cleaning 


When cleaning your home (including your pet’s space), choosing natural and eco-friendly products helps keep your pet safe from toxic chemicals. 



  • Good quality organic food


Depending on your pet’s needs, there are a variety of organic food options with optimal ingredients that are good for your pet’s health. Choosing organic also reduces your pet’s carbon footprint. 



  • Natural pet grooming


Opt for products with certified ingredients that are eco-friendly and non-toxic. That way, you are sure that they’re safe for your pet and the environment as well.  



  • Eco-friendly Beddings & Toys


Choose ones made from natural & materials such as hemp, organic cotton, and bamboo. Avoid the ones made with plastic as it may release toxins that may harm your pet.



  • Reducing your pet’s carbon footprint


In cleaning up after your pet, choosing compostable dog poop bags would help reduce their carbon footprint. You can also walk or bike with your pet instead of using a car. 



  • Green Pet Supplies & Accessories


Choose reusable products for your pet’s water/food bowls or diapers instead of using disposable ones to reduce waste. In choosing accessories for your pet, consider those that are made from sustainable materials rather than synthetic ones.  



  • Make Sustainable Pet Care More Accessible


Join a pet organization that promotes eco-friendly pet care. You may also start one. Doing so helps promote a more eco-friendly pet care lifestyle in your community.  



Creating and maintaining a healthy environment for our pets entails dedication. Ultimately, ensuring that our pets are in a safe, eco-friendly, and healthy environment will help them live long and happy lives. As pet parents, there’s nothing that we want more.