Dogs are great companions and usually have a lot of energy.  As they get older however, their joints inevitably start to ache from the many year’s of wear and tear.  Recent studies show dogs experience pain in much the same way humans do…by showing an emotional response which can lead to further health problems, including chronic anxiety. Therefore, it is vital that we find ways to lessen their discomfort.  Most people immediately think of  ointments you rub on or oral medication.  Herbal remedies however, are becoming more popular. Easy to feed, you can add dry herbs (such as ginger and turmeric) to your pet’s food or stuff into their favorite toy, but always check with your veterinarian first!  These herbs attach joint inflammation which can decrease pain.

Dogs And Pain

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Dogs are loving companions for many people around the world, so we would never want them to suffer yet unfortunately, our canine pals experience many types of pain:


This disease affects both large and small dogs’ breeds, with the Golden Retriever being one of the most at-risk. Dogs with pancreatitis show symptoms such as loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, along abdominal pain.

Intervertebral Disc Disease

Symptoms present in the neck, back, or pelvic limbs, sometimes even as hind leg weakness or paralysis. This disease may be caused by trauma, obesity, genetics, and tumors, among other factors. Some breeds (Dachshunds and Basset Hounds) are more susceptible to this type of disease than others however, IDD is not exclusive to any specific breed.


Arthritis, or joint degeneration, is common among aging canines. Symptoms to look for are limping, loss of playfulness, slowing down, and even a reluctance to leave the house or greet people at the door. There are different forms of arthritis that include osteoarthritis, which typically affects older dogs causing inflammation in the joints, and rheumatoid arthritis, which may cause mild pain and lead to kidney damage and ligament injuries.


The Benefits of Treats For Dogs


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As a form of affection and encouragement, treats can be a highly effective tool in training your pet dog.  Food as praise works well for most and allows you to reward the behavior you seek from your dog.


  1. Treats can be used to motivate and train dogs. You can use them as a reward when your dog does something you wish him to do, or you can use different kinds of treats to teach your pooch to perform certain tricks.


  1. Treats are also beneficial for disguising medications or acting as a diversion when your dog needs a veterinary exam or injection.  A treat can truly help make the medicine go down!


Herbs That Come Handy In Treats

Not all herbs are safe for dogs, but a few do not cause any harm and will help them with different problems, still…always check with your dog’s 2nd best friend, his veterinarian, before giving him anything new.  Also, observe him for at least several hours afterwards to make sure there are no ill effects.


CBD or cannabidiol is an herb many dogs  benefit from as it does not have any psychoactive effect on dogs, so there is no chance for addiction. Rottweilers and bullmastiffs have been known to experience negative effects (i.e. vomiting & drooling) however, so always check with your veterinarian first!   Some dogs benefit greatly from  CBD for dogs and experience diminished anxiety, pain relief, and overactive bladder. Use only pet-specific products as human ones may contain THC as well as artificial flavorings and sweeteners that are not safe for pets.



Not all herbs are safe for dogs, so always check with you veterinarian.  In some parts of the world, pet parents are finding small does of Kratom can be beneficial.  Kratom is a potent herb and should only be given in small doses prescribed by your veterinarian as too much of anything can cause problems.  Kratom is a thousand years old and is helpful as an anti-diarrhea treatment and for pain relief.  It can also be helpful for dogs going through chemotherapy or who suffer from anxiety.  With your veterinarian’s blessing, use only the white veins of bulk white maeng da kratom as these parts of the plant are not psychoactive and will give your dog what they need without causing any side effects.

Importance Of Regular Veterinary Visits

Following are some important reasons for regular veterinary visits 

  • For Vaccination

It is essential that your dog sees his veterinarian at least once a year, twice a year if he is age 7 or older.  Vaccinations, blood work and other testing are essential to a healthy dog.

  • Insect Bites

Dogs are also more likely to get bitten by insects such as mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas when it is hot outside, so discuss the best preventives with your veterinarian.  None of us like putting chemicals on our dogs however, the chemicals are often less problematic than the diseases insects can give our dogs.  Your vet should know what preventives work best in your area, how high the risk of disease is for your dog and of course, should know your dog’s medical history so can suggest a safe product.  

When it’s hot, most dogs are more prone to insect bites and diseases from ponds and streams, but when it gets cold, they often lack exercise, so keep those legs moving all year long and do NOT let your dog be outside in extreme temperatures! 


Dogs are amazing creatures. They show so much love and affection, but they suffer pain just like we do.  Talk with your veterinarian to find the best methods to keep your  pup comfortable no matter what life throws at them!