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It’s a commonly held assumption that keeping your cat indoors is cruel, but it’s not – in fact the opposite is true. Keeping your cat indoors can actually help her live a longer, healthier lifetime with you!

3 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Cat Indoors During Winter:

It is safer, and may allow her to spend many more years with you!  It is not uncommon for indoor cats to live as long as 20 years, whereas most outdoor cats live only 2-4 years.    Additionally, if you prevent your kitty from roaming, she won’t harm local wildlife!

Below are three reasons why keeping your cat inside will keep them much safer than allowing them outside during the winter:

1. Cats are Less Visible On Roads

Adventurous cats will cross even the busiest of roads, most of the time they get it right and get there and back with no harm done, however their chances of getting across a busy road unscathed are significantly reduced in the winter months because visibility levels are much lower.  Days are shorter and darker, so it’s just harder to spot critters, so drivers may only see your cat at the last minute by which time it may be too late.

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2. Keeps Your Cat Out Of Dangerous Places

Cats are known for their ability to find the perfect warm sunspot, in the winter months, with the lack of sun and the low temperatures, cats seek out warm spots more so than usual. This means that unfortunately many cats end up getting badly burnt by cozying up and sleeping next to heating elements or fires. 

Many cats also die every year from hiding in warm car engines – always bang your car hood a couple of times in the winter to scare any cats or wildlife out before starting your vehicle.


3. Your Cat Won’t Get Hurt By Wildlife

In the winter, predatory animals such as foxes, coyotes or even wolves (depending on where in the world you live) are more active, meaning that there is a much greater chance of your cat running into one and getting hurt, or worse.  Even stray dogs or other cats can get into an argument with your precious cat and badly injure her, so you can better protect your best kitty friend if she is inside where it is safe and warm, under your watchful eye.


As you can see there are many reasons why keeping your cat indoors, particularly during the winter months, is a great idea.

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3 Tips To Help An Outdoor Cat Settle Into An Indoor Life

If your cat is used to living outdoors, then it is important to ensure that you do everything you can to make the transition easier, otherwise she will be bolting for the door every chance they get.


Below are three useful tips:

1. Make Sure You Have The Essentials

Cats like going outdoors for a number of reasons, however three of the big reasons are to answer nature’s call, scratch on a tree and to get some exercise (or sun).

To help your cat take care of these daily needs, provide the following to make your home her haven: 

  • A Scratching post
  • A Litter Box
  • Plenty of toys 
  • Sunny windowsill or other spot she can call her own

Ensure that the litter box is regularly changed so that it is fresh, clean and appealing so she doesn’t yearn for your flowerbed!

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2. Make Indoor Life Fun For Them

Having plenty of interesting cat toys lying around the house will keep your cat’s minds and body active. A few simple ideas to keep them busy include:

  • A cat tower
  • Hide treats around the house
  • Use catnip toys (these will get them moving!)
  • Play with them using a cat wand or feather toy

Another idea though is to adopt a second cat. They’ll keep each other company and exercise together.


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3. Provide a Good View

Keep your blinds and curtains open to allow you cat to enjoy the mental stimuli of seeing birds and passing wildlife, if you have a particularly busy garden most cats will happily spend hours watching through the window.

Providing some extra visual stimulation by placing a bird feeder directly in front of the window can help make things even more exciting for your cat. 

On days that are warm enough, if you have a catio, letting your kitty roam in her special indoor/outdoor space, can provide her great enjoyment!


Keeping your cat indoors can increase her safety as well as the number of years spent with you.  It will take a little effort to provide her an enriched life, but with a few items, and quality time spent with you, your indoor cat can enjoy a lifetime of love and adventure!

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Thanks to Dan Richardson for this PURRfect guest post!