Whether it’s August 24th, PET RABBIT DAY, November 12th FANCY RAT & MOUSE DAY or any day of the year, humans who share their lives with bunnies, mice, rats and other pocket pets must know that lagomorphs and rodents are not small cats or dogs, and signs of distress as well as care may differ in each.  If you’re lucky enough to co-habitat or care for one of these creatures, you MUST acquaint yourself with the unique individual as well as the species so that you can determine how your patient is feeling and recognize when something is not quite right.  Be sure also to know where to call on a species-specific veterinarian should the need arise.


Did you know?

Rabbits don’t do well at all and can suffer when the environmental temperature hits 80 degrees F and above!

Rabbits are not rodents.  They are lagomorphs (along with Hares & Pikas) which is determined by two things:  1) A second set of incisors – little peg teeth behind the others, and 2) They make two kinds of poop – one that they re-ingest as it is still full of much-needed nutrients!

Rabbits can not throw up!

Rabbits can not see directly in front of them.

A “binky” is a good thing in rabbit talk.

Bumblefoot is a staph infection that rats, pocket pets and even rabbits can get that caused painful swelling to the foot pads.  Would you know how to provide proper first aid?

All of these things and a whole lot more is covered in my 90-minute class:  Pet First-Aid Basics for Rabbits & Pocket Pets!


Rabbits Need Immediate Veterinary Care if:

  • Has not eaten in 24 hours
  • G.I. Stasis
  • Lethargic/unresponsive
  • Temperature below 99°F or above 104°F
  • Breathing difficulty or panting/heatstroke
  • Rapid or non-existent pulse
  • Seizures or head tilted
  • Head tilt, weakness or signs of paralysis
  • Limb dangling or not moving normally
  • Diarrhea, drooling or unusual discharge
  • Bite wound that has broken the skin
  • Uncontrolled Bleeding (more than 5 minutes)
  • Straining while urinating



Even when your precious tiny friend needs to get the the vet, there are steps you can take to prevent further injury and possibly alleviate pain.  That’s why you need to take FIRST AID BASICS FOR RABBITS & POCKET PETS!  It’s a self-guided tour through basic care and first-aid when the inevitable happens.  Just like with dogs and cats, and sometimes even harder with smaller critters, we can’t keep them in a plastic bubble preventing injury and illness, so to be the best caregiver you can be…you need to know what to do to calmly and effectively jump to the task and save the day for your little friend.

Register here and get the 4-1-1 you need to help your Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster, Gerbil, Mouse or Rat best pal! Don’t wish you HAD learned pet first aid!  With 80% or higher on the test, you’ll receive a Certificate of Class Completion and that applies towards CEUs with Pet Sitters International!  What are you waiting for?  Sign up today!


Denise Fleck is an award winning author & radio show host, and a Pet First-Aid & CPR instructor who has personally taught more than 15,000 humans animal life saving skills and millions more via national television appearances.  She has authored 10 books including “The Pet Safety Bible,” and is a huge fan of professional pet sitters!  Learn more at www.PetSafetyCrusader.com.


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