So that you are prepared to bandage a wound, pull a tick, or soothe an upset tummy, make sure you have these most basic items, as well as the PET FIRST AID & CPR QUICK REFERENCE For Dog & Cat Parents & Pet Professionals.

A Pet First Aid Kit is only good as the human on the other end of the leash, meaning…1) You must to know how to use and dose all the items properly; 2) If you use something up, replace it; and 3) If something expires, get another!

So since nothing lasts forever, including our pet’s first aid kit, choose new year’s , when we move the clocks back, your pet’s birthday or some other date you will remember, and go through your kit each year to refresh necessary items so that the kit will be ready when Rover or Fluffy need you the most!


Brands with links below are recommended by The Pet Safety Crusader and her trusty, Kiko!

  • Disposable glovesThe Sunny Dog
  • 4″ X 4″ Gauze squares and roll
  • Adhesive tape or self-adhering wrap
  • Styptic Powder
  • Blunt-nosed scissors
  • Tweezers
  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (not for cats)
  • Eye Wash
  • Ear Wash
  • Chlorhexidine/Hibiclens®
  • Cold Pack
  • Triple antibiotic cream
  • Digital thermometer & lubricating gel
  • Needle-less syringe or eye dropper
  • Pilling assist
  • Antihistamine gel caps and Allergy Support
  • Antacid (species appropriate) & Gut Support (pre and probiotics)
  • Hairball support (kitties especially!)
  • Portable water bowl, bottled water, electrolytes & honey"NO PLACE LIKE HOME" Ultimate CAT First-Aid Kit
  • Reading glasses, magnifier, flashlight
  • Species-specific nail clippers
  • Species-specific pheromones (Feliway for cats & Adaptil for dogs, aromatherapy (dogs only) or Rescue Remedy® (pet version – NO alcohol)
  • Stethoscope (optional but makes it easier to palpate a cat’s pulse)

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