Many newbies who can’t get used to their active cats are wondering how to entertain them. The first thing to care about is to make sure your cat has enough toys to play with. Besides, you have to set aside enough of your time to play with your cat. It will help you get closer and provide the physical activity that is an important part of a cat’s daily life, prevents obesity, and stimulates brain activity. 


Ensure your cat’s every need is met by providing a clean litter box, a favorite spot, a secret hideout, and a scratching place. Also, the cat must have fresh food and clean water. Without all of these things, the cat will likely become nervous and aggressive. Stress can also contribute to the development of the illness of your cat.


Keep your cat in shape. Overweight cats are more susceptible to various diseases, including diabetes. A large number of toys and active play with the owner will be an important factor in increasing physical activity, which will help your cat burn extra calories and maintain a proper weight. The diet, of course, is also essential.


Feed your cat high-quality food that is also age-appropriate. Make sure your cat’s diet is balanced. It will help if you feed your cat in such a way as to prevent it from gaining excess weight. According to the research of food reviews from ThePetscats need to be fed frequently, but in small portions, and if a cat eats wet food, then two times a day should be enough. And it is better to consult a veterinarian before determining types of food and frequency of feeding.

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The following tip is unlikely to bring much joy to your cat. However, regular visits to your veterinarian are important to keep your feline healthy. And a healthy cat is a happy cat. Do not forget your cat’s teeth. Constant oral hygiene will help avoid dental disease, which is a common ailment.


If your cat loves to spend time outdoors, consider building a fenced yard where your pet will be protected from the threats faced by cats walking on the street unattended. There, your cat can have hours of fun. Alternatively, you can walk your cat in a collar or harness on a leash. Your cat will enjoy exploring the surroundings, and you will be there to help keep it safe.

How to make your cat happy: 10 tips for organizing your pet’s life

If you really love your cat, it is natural to consider them your best friends. Why not think about whether you are doing everything right to ensure a healthy and happy life for your animal? Install a roost for a cat, a tree to lead an active lifestyle, and other devices necessary for the animal’s comfort in your house. Or just take some time and play with it.

Be close to the cat

While cats have a reputation for being independent animals, that does not mean they do not like attention. Domestic cats, especially those whose entertainment completely depends on the owner, will be happy to play with it or just sit next to him. If you need to leave for a day or two, ask the person to look after the pet and come to your home. This is much better than giving the animal into the wrong hands and in an unfamiliar environment. Plus, it is cheaper. Always refer to the services of the same person already familiar to the animal.


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Create a workout environment

Indoor cats need exercise to stay healthy. Install special devices on the wall so that the cat can climb, jump, and lie on them. It is also not very difficult to create them. If there are no financial means to purchase ready-made devices, then make them by yourself!

Provide your cat with a place to observe the environment

If you arrange a place for the cat on the windowsill, it will sit and lie there for hours, observing what is happening outside the window. The cat will be twice as happy if you install a climbing and jumping device next to the window on the wall. You can extend the cat’s enjoyment by hanging a feeder outside the window in front of the window, where you will feed the birds that your cat will follow with great interest. Fresh air is also necessary for your cat, so open the window from time to time, but make sure that it is safe and cannot fall out or run away.

Provide your pet with a consistent place to sleep

Laundry baskets, open chest of drawers, cardboard boxes, kitchen cupboards – these are the places where your cat mostly likes to sleep? Instead of fighting it, better understand the animal’s priorities and provide it with the desired sleeping place – there is no need to purchase anything expensive. It could be an old blanket, a towel, a stack of newspapers – cats are so different!

Remove all toxic plants from your home

Surprisingly, most indoor plants are toxic to cats, including lily, asparagus, and philodendron. Go through the list of all toxic plants and make sure you do not have any. Plant the herb for the cat in a separate pot and place it conveniently for him.

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Consider arranging a safe exit for the cat outside – a kind of patio for the cat

Sometimes you may need to keep your cat indoors so they cannot be harmed outside. Or you don’t want your cat to catch all the birds in the yard. In any case, it will be safer to build an aviary, a patio that has jumps, steps, seating in the shade, plants that are safe for the animal, and a pond with fish.

Get creative with watering your cat

Despite their dislike for bathing, cats love water. Make your pet’s life more interesting by installing, for example, fountains throughout the house or just containers of water. For example, a stone fountain can be decorated with non-toxic ornamental plants. But do not be surprised that despite the variety of water sources you have set up for your pet, his nose will be seen in a vase of flowers in the house. Cats always do the opposite of what you expect.


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Set a scratching post for the cat

Each cat has its own priorities regarding what material it prefers to sharpen his claws on, so you may have to purchase more than one scratching post until you find the perfect one. Most cats love cardboard boxes, natural fiber ropes, and carpets. Combine the scratching post and climbing and jumping equipment, and your cat will be happy. You will also be happy, especially if the cat’s physical activity device also serves as a decor for your interior. If your cat scratches furniture, cover it when you are away.

Keep your litter box in one place

Tired of having cat litter all over your home? This happens because you do not clean the litter box on time. Cats love an intimate environment when they go to the toilet. Keep the litter box in the toilet or bathroom so that the cat can freely enter. Clean the toilet after the cat in time, and you will have order in the house.

Give your cat more attention as it gets older

Decreased appetite and decreased activity are normal for cats as they age, but these symptoms can also indicate illness. The best way to ensure a long and healthy life for your cat is through a healthy lifestyle, quality nutrition, and regular veterinary visits. Changes in care and feeding can cause illness. No cat likes to see a doctor, but regular checkups should be an integral part of a pet cat’s life.


Happy and healthy cats live longer – take this as a fact. How to make your pet satisfied? It is not enough just to feed and look after it. Make at least one of the suggested things from the list – so that it understands that you really love it.