Litter boxes may seem simple. But finding the right one for your cat can be tricky. Here are some things that you should take into consideration when choosing a litter box. 


What Size Litter Box Do You Need?

It’s crucial to get the right sized litter box for your cat. If you get the wrong sized litter box, your cat won’t use it, or they may make a mess every time they do. 


Many cat owners try to save space by getting a small litter box that they can tuck into the corner. Although this may be convenient, it can end up backfiring, as your cat won’t be able to fit in the box.


Choose a litter box that gives your cat enough room to comfortably climb inside and move around. They should also have enough space to dig around, as well as avoid anything they left behind the last time they used the litter box. 


You should also take into account the height of the edges. If your cat doesn’t make much of a mess, you can use a litter box with a height of around 6”. 


However, if your cat likes to dig around and spray when they go to the bathroom, you may want to choose a litter box with higher walls. 8” to 10” is a good height, protecting your floors if your cat kicks or sprays. 


If your cat has any movement issues, try to pick out a litter box with low sides so that they can climb into it. 


Covered Or Uncovered?

This boils down to a personal preference. Covered and uncovered litter boxes both have their merits, so it’s up to you- and your cat- to decide which is best. 


If you notice that your cat doesn’t like going into their uncovered litter box, this could be a sign that they need a bit more privacy. Try out a covered litter box to see if they prefer having some space to themselves. 


Covered litter boxes are a great option if you have dogs that like to get into your cat’s litter box. Although it won’t prevent access completely, it can make it much harder for your dog to make a mess. 


If you choose a covered litter box, just make sure to take measurements in advance. The size of the entrance can vary widely, so you’ll need to find one that your cat can get into easily. 


How Many Litter Boxes Do You Need? 

Although one litter box is sometimes enough, you should consider getting multiple to make life easier for you and your cat. 


Cats will often get territorial near their litter box. If you have multiple cats in the house, it may be best to have a few litter boxes so that each cat can have their own turf. 


Also factor in the size of your house. If you have just one litter box in a large house, your cat will be much more likely to have accidents and make a mess. 


In general, you should have at least as many litter boxes as you do cats, although more is usually better. For example, if you have two cats, then three litter boxes is a good number to have. If you have just one cat, you should probably still get two litter boxes. 


Find The Right Litter

Once you’ve picked out a litter box, you’ll also need to choose the right kind of litter; to avoid a mess, use a non tracking litter. Many brands can make a mess, leaving litter scattered throughout your house every time your cat uses the litter box. It’s important to try out multiple brands before settling.

3 Important Considerations When Picking Out a Litter Box

Privacy, size, covered or not, are important considerations when picking the PURRfect litter box. Thanks to my guest post by Cat World

Posted by Sunny-Dog Ink on Thursday, September 19, 2019