Photo by Alexas Fotos from Pexels

Despite different personalities, most felines love the outdoors, and some outdoor time is good for a cat’s mental and physical health. Space to run and exercise can do a feline body good, yet there are risks. One of the many ways to lessen those risks is by purchasing the right cat fence.

What is a Cat Fence? 

You may already have an outdoor fence however, it may not be kitty proof!  Felines have sharp claws and an athletic build, so most can easily scale an ordinary fence.  A cat fence, on the other hand, serves as a barrier that provides an enclosure specifically for your feline. It is equipped with an overhang to prevent your pet from climbing over and out.  Some may be used just as an add-on while others are already free-standing.  To get a better understanding, here are types of cat fences to choose from. 


Free Standing Fences

As the name suggests, this type of fence can stand on its own. Although one can also be installed along your already standing fence. 

Free standing fences have mesh netting and metal poles. Your feline may be able to climb on the mesh net a few inches off the ground. But, the feline won’t be able to go over as the fence will pull down on him due to the cat’s weight.  If  you have a big pussy cat, this type may not be enough to contain her. 


Add-On Fencing Systems

An add-on fence is good if you already have a stable, attractive fence marking your perimeter. The add-on has a mesh band that is added to the upper portion of your pre-existing fence.  It has a series of brackets that create an overhang preventing your cat from escaping.  Just be sure that your existing fence is in perfect condition. Carefully scan it to make sure that there are no holes or spaces where a cat can wiggle through.   


Wireless or Electronic Fences

Not my personal favorite, for several reasons, but a wireless or electronic fence is also called an invisible fence as there is no actual structure.  Rather, a continuous wire is buried in the lawn, which maintains a wireless connection to your cat’s collar.  You need to train your pet, often marking the area with flags for the first several weeks and giving her a squirt from a water bottle if she crosses the mark.  Once engaged, the collar will receive a signal causing a mild shock to your feline should she cross the line making her less likely to cross the invisible barrier. 

The downside, however, is that this type of fence won’t keep other animals away from entering your yard and harming your cat. If there are predators that come to your yard, via paws or wings, a wireless fence is not for you.


Metal Fencing

A metal cat fence is just a bit different from metal dog fences. The distinctive aspect of a metal fence for cat is the enclosed arch or roof over the metal fence. This part is particularly vital to prevent your feline from jumping over the fence.


Spiky Strips

Spiky strips can be added to your pre-existing fence. They are intended to prevent your pet from climbing over, but may also prohibit other animals and stray cats from entering your yard. They will not however, prevent birds of prey from flying in and scooping up your kitty, so always supervise outdoor pets!


Benefits of Having a Cat Fence

You may have deduced some advantages to having a cat fence, but let’s summarize:  

  • Allows your pet to more safely enjoy the outdoors.
  • Keeps your cat within your yard and may prevent stray animals from entering
  • Protects your pet from road accidents or injuries that may occur when roaming
  • Reduces risk of tick and fleas by preventing your cat from going into infested areas
  • Gives you, as owner, peace of mind while the cat is enjoying its outdoor time


A cat fence is not just for your pet, but for the pet parent as well. Consider your options, and know your cat and the neighborhood wildlife to best determine which type is most suitable.  If you already have a fence, you may not have to start from ground zero, but assess your property and see if you can’t offer your kitty a safe bit of the outdoors for both her mental and physical enjoyment.