For those of you who read this blog, I know that your dog (and in some cases, cat, rabbit or other sweet creature) is your best friend! Dogs, like many other pets, are seen as members of the family and so naturally, we want to do everything that we can to keep them safe. This includes looking after them when we leave the house, taking them to the veterinarian for regular check-ups as well as when they are not feeling their best, and choosing comfortable accessories that will keep them safe.

Choosing the right dog collar isn’t just about choosing your a pretty design.  Although many like your pet’s to look their best, the collar is where you attach your dog’s ID in the event you become separated.  Of course a microchip is also vitally important, but a tag is a quick reference for anyone without a scanner, to know where your furry pal belongs.  Many people also attach a leash to a collar to keep Fido by your side.  Just take care not to ever pull on his neck.  If your dog is himself a puller, or can easily Houdini his way out of a collar, you should consider a body harness for him instead.  Read on to hear some of our tips for choosing the perfect collar.

Asteroid Blues - Padded Dog Collars

Safety First

Before you even think about buying collar for your dog, you need to make sure you know the proper size. If the dog collar is too small, your dog’s health could at risk. To buy comfortable dog collars, you should measure your dog’s neck with a measuring tape. To find their neck size, you should add 2 inches to the measurement.  Never, ever put on a too tight collar!  Most experts recommend that you should be able to fit two fingers between the dog and the collar. This way, the collar will be comfortable but won’t slip off their head.

Do You Need A Set?

Once you’re assured your dog is comfortable in his collar, you should think about what else you might need. For example, you might want to head to a site like Monro Pets to find a dog collar and leash set as you’ll save money if you buy both together. It is possible to mix and match your leash and collar but if you buy a set, you can be sure that everything will fit together nicely. 

If you do buy a set, we recommend that you choose a leash that is comfortable to hold with a padded handle. This way, everyone will be comfortable.  

How It Looks

While the design of the dog collar and leash shouldn’t be your main priority, it is certainly something that you are going to want to check out. Why wouldn’t you choose a collar that you know your dog will love and that you will love putting on them? There are so many styles that you can choose from so make sure to shop around. Whether you go for a classic color or you choose something with a bit more personality, you’ll be able to find the perfect collar for your dog.  It’s also helpful choosing a leash color that allows your dog to be seen, and matching it with his collar is a plus.

Use These Tips

A collar and leash can keep your dog by your side, and also allow you to steer him out of harm’s way.  If you are on the hunt for a new collar for your dog, follow these tips. Safety should always be your first concern, so measure your dog’s neck twice before you buy, and achieve a perfect fit before leaving the new collar on your pooch’s neck. It will allow you to take a stroll with your furry family member with peace of mind, knowing he will remain safely at your side and be happy to do so.