There is an increase in the number of Roomba vacuums sold in the market today, specifically to pick up unwanted pet hair and fur. If you are a first-time buyer, you may encounter some challenges while buying the machine. In this case, when choosing a Roomba cleaner, it is advisable to select a tool which is appropriate for the type of fur your pet leaves behind.  The device should be able to get rid of stains, hair, and bad orders left behind by pets. With that said, here are a few factors to consider when looking for the best Roomba for pet hair vacuums:

1. The volume of the machine
If you want a machine with an efficient stain removal ability, you should buy a vacuum with a powerful motor.  Devices with light engines are suitable for ordinary dirt, such as coffee spills or dust.  For powerful smells and urine stains pets may leave behind, you need a powerful motor to achieve the best results, especially in thick carpets.  Also, make sure that the power of the vacuum isn’t too strong for your carpet, so that it won’t damage the rug.

2. Stain insulator
This insulator isolates urine and other wastes away from the tank of water. If you continuously use the machine, you can permeate your carpet with the strong scent of ammonia if you don’t chose the correct model.

3. The capacity of the tank to hold water
It is an advantage to purchase a tool that has a large water tank. It will work more efficiently by reducing the need to constantly refill the tank.  Although heavier, it will be a more substantial tool for your needs.

4. The cleaning feature
When selecting the best rug cleaner, you should consider all the necessary features you desire, with reliability and convenience topping the list. You should also choose a model that has appropriate filtration, brush attachments for varying heights of carpet as well as furnishings.  Together these make the perfect cleaning.

5. The warranty on the machine
Take care, when operating your Roomba, that you do not breach the terms and conditions on the warranty.  Some machines have specifications, determined by their manufacturers, regarding the brands of  carpet formula or shampoo that must be used for optimum performance. If you operate the machine with products other than ones designated by the manufacturer and the machine breaks down, the warranty will not cover damages.

6. A cleaner that’s made for pet fur

Choosing the right robotic vacuum for the job is a must.  Select a carpet cleaner that is designed to collect loose fur and pet hair without jamming or missing debris.  Your rug will stay cleaner, and you will be happier for it.

7. The  battery
It is advisable to keep in mind the lifespan of the battery – How long will the machine perform before you need to recharge?  Seventy-five minutes is a good ballpark, and a machine with a self-charging feature is a plus!

8. Automated shutoff
As a pet owner, you should purchase a rug cleaner that can automatically shut off.  Machines with this feature will shut off should the tank fill with dirty water or become empty, preventing damage to your carpeting.

9. The cost of the device
Do not forego quality when purchasing the a machine to keep your home free of pet debris.  Vacuum cleaners are not inexpensive, however do your research and weigh the cost over time against it’s ability to keep your carpet looking like new.

10. The weight and the size of the machine
Most homeowners prefer a light-weight, compact Roomba which is easier to operate and more convenient to store.   Nevertheless, if you opt to select a heavy-duty cleaner, keep in mind that the robot vacuum cleaner will be more substantial and capable of getting the job done!

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In our homes, pets are held so close to our hearts. They truly are part of the family, however…accidents can happen, even when your pets know their manners. It can be upsetting, but don’t blame the pet, make sure you have the tool to fix the problem!  Purchase a rug detergent that will clean the stains and odor, and a machine that will meet your needs at picking up pet hair.

Vacuums and cleaners are essential in keeping ours homes clean and odor-free, and if you choose wisely, they can save you anxiety and unnecessary effort.  Therefore, please consider the factors mentioned above which should help you choose the best device to ease your workload, keep your house clean, and make life more comfortable with your furry family.