Mary adored her Dachshund Daisy and always wanted her by her side.  One 85°F day, while the “girls” were out for a car ride, Mary made a quick stop at the convenience store for a jug of milk.  In the store, she encountered a new cashier who was having difficulty working the cash register.  The […]

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Pets on the Loose

Keeping your pets safe in a fenced yard and walking them on a leash can prevent injury, illness and much, much worse. Conscientious owners keep pets in sight! Fences make for good neighbors, but they also keep our dogs safe. Many well-meaning owners expose their pets to needless dangers by allowing their animals to run […]

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KTLA Morning News – Pet CPR / Burbank Animal Shelter

Denise Fleck of Sunny-dog Ink teaches Pet CPR and talks about her Pawstronomical Pet CPR event on the KTLA Morning News program along with 3 adorable adoptable dogs from the Burbank Animal Shelter – April 17, 2009 in Los Angeles.

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Heimlich for pets


HOW TO HELP A CHOKING PET If your dog gets a bone caught or your cat begins to choke on ribbon or yarn, you must know what to do before they go unconscious.  Initially, give you pet a few moments to perform a cough which may expel the object, but if it does not…a careful […]

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Springtime Pet Safety

Springtime Safety

Treat dogs & cats for fleas and ticks which can cause skin allergies as well as disease. Observe your pet for bee stings and spider bites.  If you notice swelling, redness or breathing difficulties, seek prompt medical attention. Don’t feed human foods many are poisonous including some fruits and vegetables (i.e.:  grapes, raisins, peach pits, […]

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Providing Fido and Fluffy with fresh, clean water just makes good sense. However, not only can it keep them healthy, it can also prevent your two-legged family members from… Giardia are one-celled organisms (protozoa) that live in the small intestine of many animals. The protozoa attach to the small intestine where they produce disease by […]

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St. Patrick’s Day

NO GREEN DOGS FOR ST. PATRICK’S DAY The ASPCA’s “Animal Poison Control Center” views on dyeing your pet green for St. Patrick’s Day is clear. Don’t do it. When asked “If, under any circumstances, is it safe to dye your pet green for St. Patrick’s Day?” Dr. Hansen, a veterinary toxicologist and senior vice president […]

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Do Cats REALLY Land on Four Feet?

Contrary to popular belief, cats do not always land on their feet. Many are injured from falls, so take care to prevent the worst from happening to your feline friend. Cats can sustain a variety of injuries from a fall out a window, off of a balcony or from a rooftop. Broken bones, jaws, ruptured […]

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Cabinet of Cleaners


COMMON POISONS AND WHAT TO DO TO SAVE YOUR PET Dogs love to chew.  However, that spray bottle, can or other container under your cabinet which may be viewed as a toy by your curious pooch, will definitely ruin the day if his canines puncture it and he ingests the liquid inside.  Your cat may […]

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Veterinarian, Animal ER, Pet Insurance

It is estimated that 92% of dogs and cats will experience an emergency during their lifetime. Do you know who to go to for help should the worst happen to your pet? Veterinarians are the experts, but there is so much pet parents can do as a team with their Vets for the health and […]

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet

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Denise Fleck K9 Corner

K9 Corner

Pet Safety Crusader Denise Fleck shares with host Riannon Trutanich the things you should know and do to keep your pets safe from any type of disaster.

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