Stick to your pet’s normal routine — do NOT skip anything.

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy, well-BEEhaved dog or cat during holiday chaos is by sticking to their normal routine, and take a page out of that playbook for yourself!

Don’t skip exercise and make sure meals are nutritious and on time for both you and your pets.

Don’t forget vitamins, washing of bedding, scooping of litter.

Holidays create added chores but change can create anxiety in your pet coupled with the intense energy you are giving off at this time of year.

Walk at your normal walk time, feed on schedule and don’t forget to play — it does a body good (human, canine or feline). Practicing a few agility moves or basic obedience keeps the mind sharp. Especially when company is coming to call, schedule in quality time spent with your best friend BEFORE the door bell rings. A tired pet is a good pet, and one who feels loved and special is a happier more well-adjusted one as well.