Pets are part of the family. Dogs, cats, pigs, or any animal you like, become family members when you invest time, effort, and money in them and make them part of your lives. They become dependent on you, and you become attached to them making them a big part of your heart. Your decisions forever include them and their well-being.  Click here to know more about how to take care of your pet’s well-being. 

When you love your pets, you’d want to cuddle with them, and they enjoy every moment that they can spend with you. You, as a fur mom or a fur dad, love your fur baby so much that you would want them around you all the time however, if they are small, they may have trouble getting up to your bed on their own.  Also, you don’t want them to fall once you pick them up, so… 

There is a solution for such a dilemma, pet stairs! Pet stairs help small animals reach greater heights. They are specifically made to assist fur babies of varying sizes, climb up and go down safely.   

These stairs are made not only for the baby or small animals but can also assist those who are older and have physical limitations, who cannot jump or climb like they once could.  Arthritis, for instance, makes it painful to move the joints and may prevent your pet from climbing up to be with you.  Thankfully, steps or stairs can make their plight a little less painful. To help them with arthritis, it would be better to have them climb steps that are closer to each other than regular ones.  You can check this link to learn more about dog arthritis:

Additionally, pets with short legs and long backs can injure themselves when jumping.  The dachshund and the corgi are good examples, and having them use these steps just might prevent a back injury.  In the cat world, the munchkin cat is small with short legs, and although felines are athletic, steps can help, and are a great way to show your kitty how much you care and love her. 

Steps are useful not only for the bed, but many other pieces of furniture and places your pets may go. You can use steps to help pets get into your car or truck. You can also use these when you go to the vet and you need your large dog to get up the veterinarian’s table or just to cuddle on the sofa at home next to you, his favorite person.

Because of the large variety of pet stairs available it is important that you choose wisely. Here are a few things that you need to consider before you decide on which one to buy. 


What stairs are made of should be considered based on where you will use them. If you are planning to help your fur babies into your car,  you will need something sturdy, easy to clean and fold, so that you can store it in the trunk or under the seats. Plastic and aluminum are the best materials for these types of steps, as they are lightweight and very easy to clean.  

For dogs that are old and unsteady on their paws, or for those who live in areas that are frequently wet, it would be best to choose something with a nonslip mat or one with rubberized steps. This will help the animals keep their footing and not fall down. 

In your bedroom, you may want something that better matches your decor.  You can chose wooden steps or ones that are fitted with fabric.  Just make sure that they are easy to clean and sturdy enough so that your pet feels safe.   


One of the most important aspects of choosing the right steps for your fur baby is the size. If the steps are too big or too small, then they are worthless in helping your pet get where he needs to go.  Keep in mind that not all steps are adjustable.  Stairs need to be high enough to reach the platform your pet wishes to step onto:  your bed, sofa or car seat for instance.  Also, the height of each step and angle of slope must be comfortable for your pet’s normal stride.  

There are many types of stairs that you can choose from.  If your bedroom is small, there are portable pet stairs that do not take up too much space and can be stored when not in use. These portable ones can also lessen the need to buy several sets as you can take them with you throughout the house, anywhere anytime.  Also remember though that you may consider ones that are adjustable, so that you can make them work at various locations.   

Considering your pet’s wellness, and making provisions so that your dog or cat can be by your side is good for them and also for you.  An act of kindness shows your love, and they will return that love with  affection and loyalty.  Choosing the proper steps, and carefully teaching your pet to use them, can allow you to cuddle, making special memories together.