Cabinet of Cleaners


COMMON POISONS AND WHAT TO DO TO SAVE YOUR PET Dogs love to chew.  However, that spray bottle, can or other container under your cabinet which may be viewed as a toy by your curious pooch, will definitely ruin the day if his canines puncture it and he ingests the liquid inside.  Your cat may […]

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Veterinarian, Animal ER, Pet Insurance

It is estimated that 92% of dogs and cats will experience an emergency during their lifetime. Do you know who to go to for help should the worst happen to your pet? Veterinarians are the experts, but there is so much pet parents can do as a team with their Vets for the health and […]

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet

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Back-to-School Pet Safety Tips

A sudden change of schedule can lead to stress in your dog or cat and can cause behavioral problems. Extra attention and a new friend may be the solution. After a summer of playing ball, swimming, catching fireflies and getting lots of attention from his favorite boy or girl, your dog or cat may not […]

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