It’s a brand new year and a new chance to get off on the right paw and make improvements in your pets’ lives as well as your own.  Don’t get bogged down though in practices that just won’t fit your lifestyle and that you’ll be unable to keep, but look into the loving brown, blue or green eyes, and figure out what you can do to enhance your furry child’s life just a bit more…

Can you get on an every other day tooth brushing regime, or can you investigate one of those new fangled toys like the Bristly Toothbrush for dogs that might just exercise his gums and clean his teeth without you stepping in?

Can you commit to a daily walk for Rover and for yourself, not only stretching those legs and keeping muscles toned, but getting blood and oxygen to the brain, nourishing that vital organ to stay active?  You PAWSitively can teach an old dog a new trick, and should.  Remind your pets of their “sits,” “stays” and “comes” as well as “leave its” all of which are important for safety.  New tennies for you might fit the bill and a harness and leash for your walking buddy! Just be present and embrace your time together as there is nothing else like it!

How about serving  a better quality food by taking a little time to do your research and read labels?

How about scheduling that annual check-up with your vet to make sure all systems are go with Fido or Fluffy?  Maybe you’ll discover that there are things you can do to alleviate your pet’s pain – supplements, exercise or therapy or even an at home cool laser by Dog Med!

Whatever you commit to, take the time to do it right, with a wondeRUFFul attitude and make moments where you and your best friends can really be present together.  While you’re thinking about it, take my pledge to be an even better pet parent!  Paws & fingers crossed for the best year of your life ahead!

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Resolutions to Help


Live a Longer, Happier, Healthier Lifetime with Me

 I PLEDGE TO be responsible for my pet for its entire life.  I understand DOGS & CATS usually live 15-20 years; HAMSTERS, GERBILS & other POCKET PETS as well as FROGS & FISH have a life span less than 5 years; PARAKEETS & CANARIES can live 15-20 years, and exotic birds (MACAWS & COCKATOOS) can live 30 years or more!  TURTLES (even box turtles) can live up to 50 years, while tortoises can make it to well over 100.

I promise to:

Walk my DOG and exercise him daily  I will feed my pet a high-quality diet, keep him well-groomed and provide plenty of fresh water, love and attention.  Sometimes the best exercise for a cat is to have another cat to play with, so if my lifestyle permits, I will consider adopting a second feline for life to keep her company.  I will properly feed my BIRD, RABBIT, POCKET PETS, FISH & TURTLES making sure their cages/tanks are clean and that they get exercise.

Do a weekly HEAD-TO-TAIL check-up, really getting acquainted with my pet’s body and habits so that I may discover a small problem early and get it looked t.

Schedule a visit with our veterinarian at least once yearly.  I will also check into pet insurance of have a Plan B (emergency credit card) so that I will be able to provide needed care, and I will make sure vaccines are up-to-date and that my pet’s microchip is properly registered.

Make my schedule work for the sake of my pet, even if I have to forego a fun time out.  Regardless of how much time I must be away from home, I will make sure my pet is attended to and remains in a safe and temperate environment with someone checking on him when I can not.

Consider my financial position before adopting additional pets, but once I’ve made the commitment, I will do everything in my power to provide properly for them including quality FOOD, SUPPLIES (toys, cage/crate, bed, shelter, litter box, seat belt, collar, leash, ID tags), VETERINARY CARE  (annual check-ups, vaccinations, flea & tick prevention, dental care, micro-chipping), LICENSING,  PET SITTING, TRAINING and UNEXPECTED EXPENSES.

Make sure my DOG is a good citizen by always walking him on a leash and picking-up after him.  I will make sure that he is obedience trained using positive methods and that he is never bored, so that he doesn’t disturb the neighbors with excessive barking.  I will make sure my CAT never roams getting into neighbors’ yards or being hurt by cars, other animals or poisons.

Learn Pet First-Aid & CPR because in spite of my diligent attention, life happens, and I must be prepared to help my pet in the event of any emergency or sudden illness.  I will keep a well-stocked Pet First-Aid Kit handy as well as a Disaster Preparedness Kit for my pet.

To give my pet at least as much unconditional love as he give me and spend quality time with him daily as that is the great joy of being a pet parent!


Signature of Loving & Responsible Pet Parent


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