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Rabbit parents and caregivers know that their lagomorph best friends are NOT small dogs or cats, and signs of distress as well as care differ in many ways.  Those who share their lives with rodents (Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice & Rats) must know that their furry loved ones are NOT small rabbits!

Denise Fleck (The Pet Safety Crusader) will take you on a 90-minute self-guided journey into the BASIC care of your lagomorph and/or rodent best friend.  She will share with you what signs accompany various illness and injury, and the basic steps you need to take at the time of crisis to minimize complications and pain until you can reach veterinary care.

Topics include:

  • Checking Vitals and What is Normal for their various species
  • First Aid for:  Back & Bone Injuries, Bleeding (cuts, scrapes, bites), Bumblefoot, Burns, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, G.I. Stasis, Hyper/Hypothermia, Insects, Fleas & Mites and Poisoning.
  • Items to have in your Pet First-Aid Kit

This class is recommended by Pet Sitters International and applies towards CEU credits.

Certificate of class completion will be emailed as a pdf for printing upon successful completion (80% or above) of 25 question multiple choice/true-false test.  Test is 2nd video link you will receive.  Answers must be submitted to PetSafetyCrusader@gmail.com within 45 days of class registration to receive Certificate.  If your score is lower than 80%, I’d be happy to set up a time to go over any questions you have before retaking the test which you may do once at no charge.  After that, it will be an additional $15 fee to extend the videos to you for another 30 days and retest 🙂

Refunds are not available once links have been sent.

Not required reading, but “First Aid Basics for Rabbits & Pocket Pets” will be available September 15th.  This handy guide will provide you with the 4-1-1 you need to know to help the tiniest of furry friends. This book contains additional information and first aid care beyond the scope of the class so it is sure to become your go-to guide when your lagomorph or rodent needs you most!


Pages 219-228 in “The Pet Safety Crusader’s My Pet & Me Guide to Disaster PAWparedness” deal specifically with Rabbit & Pocket Pet First Aid Basics and may prove helpful, especially for the written exam!  The e-book is FREE with purchase of a print copy at http://www.petsafetycrusader.com/shop/books/the-pet-safety-crusaders-my-pet-me-guide-to-pet-disaster-pawparedness/


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