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Pet First-Aid INSTRUCTOR Training

email now to learn to help others to help the PAWmazing animals in their lives!

Product Description

Helping people to help their pets is what we do at

Sunny-dog Ink!

As The Pet Safety Crusader, and having personally taught close to 20K humans animal life-saving skills, I know there are still sooooo many who could benefit from this knowledge, so I am training others so that together we can reach even more people and the animals they love.  I am one of just a few Pet First Aid instructors  (if not the only one) to actually have earned state teaching credentials in Animal Care so can therefore help you not only learn content, but HOW to teach so that your students comprehend.


Becoming an Instructor is YOUR business, not a franchise.  You pay for the program, and I teach you what I know, license you to use my slides and program and support your efforts however I can.

We don’t even have to be in the same city!  Training takes place via ZOOM where it’s just as intimate as sitting down across a coffee table together.  You watch me demonstrate, I watch you practice, we view slides and videos together as we learn and converse on a schedule that fits your lifestyle!


It’s GRReat to train with others so that you have an assistant or co-instructor.  Together you can start teaching more quickly as you divide up the class segments to become experts on, and not have to learn everything at once!

Costs are tailored so that you earn back what you spend by teaching just a few classes.   Training with 2-4 friends or co-workers can make it very cost effective!  


Before paying, email to discuss if this is right for you: 

  • 21 hours of class time depending on your readiness. I will keep working with you until you feel confident.
  • Video links to each of our training sessions so that you can go back and review.
  • CeePeR Jr. Canine CPR Manikin with inflatable lung (pictured below)*
  • 100 copies* of your choice of my four pocket guides, so you’re ready to begin teaching your first 50 students:
    • Dog First Aid & CPR
    • How To Take Care of Your Dog or Puppy
    • Cat First Aid & CPR
    • How to Take Care of Your Cat of Kitten
  • A copy of my 275-page 8X10 The Pet Safety Bible to provide additional background information because an instructor always needs to know even more than her or she shares in the classroom 🙂
  • Power-point presentation (including videos) of The Pet Safety Crusader’s 4-hour PET FIRST-AID & CPCR class.
  • Wholesale discount on future pocket guides and/or The Pet Safety Bible which serve as the class text
  • Power-point slides that test your students for comprehension.
  • Templates for Class Certificates, Wallet Cards, Homework/Follow-up Letter and Test which you can customize with your own company logo
  • For small add-on fees, you can also be trained to teach my longer 6-hour Pet First-Aid & CPCR class that corresponds to my The Pet Safety Bible, the Pet First Aid for Kids Class, Cat-specific class and others. Please note that I have developed first aid and care classes for rabbits, pocket pets (hamsters, guinea pigs) and birds too!
  • Discounts on  Sunny-dog Ink products including CPCR posters (English & Spanish language versions, Disaster PAWparedness packs and books
  • 15% discount* off  first order at
  • Referrals; Website linking
  • Always available for questions
  • Quarterly updates (email and/or teleconference) of new and improved protocol, additional info and whatever I’m learning to keep you on the cutting edge in education
       * Depending package selected
PLEASE NOTE:  Refunds are not available once link to power point course has been sent for download.  At that point, you have possession of The Pet Safety Crusader’s proprietary program, so have received in full what you paid for – the licensing of the program.  


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    I am very proud and excited to be taking my Pet First Aid Instructors course (long distance from Dubai) with my First Aid guru, Denise Fleck from Sunny-Dog Ink! I met Denise at the Pet Sitters International Conference in New Orleans and was so intrigued by what she was doing and impressed by how she teaches that I decided to do the instructors course myself. So very honoured to be working with Denise to help others help their pets! –Bernadine Muller, Passion 4 Paws

  2. :

    Denise really knows her animals and has such a passion for them. I’ve looked at other Instructor Courses but felt if I was going to teach, I wanted to learn from the best. So glad I did 🙂 –Martha Smith

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