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Pet First Aid & CPR Quick Reference

Symptoms, action steps, charts and dosing chart to help you help your dog or cat BEFORE veterinary care is available.


Product Description

Veterinarians are the experts, but most pet parents and caregivers don’t have a vet attached to their hip 24/7, so they must know what to do to rescue Rover or help Fluffy feel better even before veterinary care is available. In this quick reference, The Pet Safety Crusader (aka Denise Fleck) provides the basic steps you need to know to help a dog or cat who is injured or ill. Topics covered include: how to check vitals, what to have in your pet’s first aid kit, safe handling, restraint & transport of an injured animal and what to do for bites & stings, bleeding injuries & bandaging, bloat, breaks & strains, burns, constipation, diarrhea & vomiting, frostbite, heatstroke, poisoning, seizures, shock as well as how to handle a choking incident, rescue breathing and CPR, including the most up-to-date protocol: CPCR (Cardio Pulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation). Also inside is a dosing chart for OTC medications. Having this reference guide in your pet first aid kit, purse or glove compartment might be just what you need when your pet needs you most!

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Topics include:

Checking vitals
Dosing chart
Safe handling & restraint
Your Pet’s First Aid Kit,
Bites & stings
Bleeding injuries including bandaging & splinting
Breaks & strains
Choking management
Embedded objects
Heatstroke & frostbite
Intestinal upsets
Rescue breathing & CPCR
Shock and more…

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