Pet First Aid For Kids

Pet First Aid For Kids


Bringing families together to care for their four-legged members! Written in conjunction with my friends at Rescue Critters, the company that makes CPR, Veterinary and Search & Rescue manikins.

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    “As a small animal veterinarian’s wife, I have assisted on many ER cases over the years. Prior to reading this book, I felt I had very good insight and knowledge as to what to do in an emergency situation with a pet. Little did I know, my medical knowledge and hands on experience barely scratched the surface! Sure, I have seen plenty of animals come into the ER room, but I had no idea about what to do PRIOR to arriving at the vet hospital. Pet First Aid for Kids taught me so much valuable information! There is information on safely transporting your injured pet to the vet hospital, things you can do to keep your pet alive before it gets to the vet, first aid you can do at home in non-ER situations, plus everything in between…I truly think educating yourself on pet first aid is something every pet owner should do…those precious 10 minutes before you can get your animal to the vet hospital can be the difference between life and death. I know I would want to be able to do everything I could to save my fur baby’s life in that situation! The tips and skills taught in this book could be that difference.”
    ~ Megan Henderson

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