The Pet Safety Crusader's My Pet & Me Guide to Pet Disaster PAWparedness
The Pet Safety Crusader's My Pet & Me Guide to Pet Disaster PAWparedness

The Pet Safety Crusader’s My Pet & Me Guide to Pet Disaster PAWparedness


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Whether the wind blows, the ground shakes, the flames rise or snow and water fall from the skies, YOU must be prepared for your pet’s sake!  Disasters aren’t always on a regional scale.  Power could go out on just your street or in only your building.   A tree could fall on your roof or a water pipe could break in your home alone.  Even without your neighbors being affected, your household of two-legged, four-legged, feathered, finned or scaled family members could be in distress.

If electricity ceases to flow, refrigerated food goes bad, aquarium pumps, filters and heat lamps no longer nourish life; climate control becomes challenging and sometimes deadly.  Flooded basements bring disease and ruin while fire can cause ultimate destruction.  When disaster strikes, it’s up to YOU to allow it to become a life and death situation or just a major inconvenience.

The author clearly lays out steps your pets need YOU to take to be READY, REACT and then RECOVER, but offers suggestions on how to help the humans too.  Training, supplies, a positive mental attitude as well as a plan can make all the difference.

In addition to well-thought-out preparedness tips for humans and their animal companions, Denise Fleck provides templates for your own family’s emergency plan, what to have on hand and skills to possess, suggestions for specific disasters ranging from earthquakes, hurricanes & chemical disasters to tsunamis, power outages and civil unrest. The book concludes with a comprehensive manual covering basic first-aid – should the worst happen – for those who walk on two-legs, four paws or hooves, fly, swim or crawl.

Your pets need YOU to be prepared, and “The Pet Safety Crusader’s My Pet & Me Guide to Disaster PAWparedness” could set you on the path to being ready to handle most any situation that comes your way.


Check out the corresponding PET DISASTER PREPAREDNESS CERTIFICATE COURSE to make double dog sure you’re prepared for anything that comes your way!


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    You may think you understand all you need to know about pet safety, however, your eyes will be opened after reading “My Pet & Me Guide to Disaster PAWparedness” by Denise Fleck.  This is a book to read, relish, and USE! I immediately downloaded a suggested AP on my phone, have printed the cards to carry in my wallet and feel so much better about how my pets will survive during and especially after, a disaster.  Denise is an amazing expert on all things pet safety and this volume is her best yet. They say it’s not IF a disaster happens, but WHEN – read this book now so you and your pets are safe.  I’m so glad I read it and I know you will love it too! 
    –Shawna Schuh, CSP and President of WOMEN IN THE PET INDUSTRY NETWORK

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    The Pet Safety Crusader has compiled a comprehensive guide for pet parents to prepare and practice for multiple types of emergencies. Anyone who has pets should follow this guide and put steps into practice to keep your entire family safe if and when disaster strikes. NAPPS is proud to be a source to find professional pet sitters but also pleased to promote this guide to our pet parent members.
    Yvette Gonzales
    National Association of Professional Pet Sitters 2016 President

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    Denise covers an extensive amount of valuable information and the organized format and easy-to-understand “ready, react, recover” steps make it a resource that all pet owners can implement.  The inclusion of the first-aid basics is a real bonus.  Demise has, yet again, written a must-have title for every pet owner’s bookshelf!
    –Beth Stultz, Director of Marketing, Communications & Education, PET SITTERS INTERNATIONAL

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    A must-have for every pet parent, charity and government agency! Denise’s creative and insightful PAWparedness is stellar and spot-on. Buy two – keep one at home and the other in the car.
    –Lynn Molnar, Founder

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    I just completed the Disaster Planning for Professional Pet Sitters course through Pet Sitters International by The Pet Safety Crusader! The course was very informative on how to prepare for and react to natural and man-made disasters. The companion book to the course “My Pet & Me Guide to Disaster PAWparedness by Denise Fleck is a MUST read! I can’t wait to start working on my Emergency Plan!
    -Christina Walker

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